[Review] The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Exfoliator

Hi everyone! Lately, my skin has been getting a little dry in certain areas because of winter. During a 40% off sale at The Body Shop, I saw this and decided to try it out. My regular exfoliators weren’t really helping, so I was hoping this might. This claims to provide “mild and gentle soap-free […]

[Review] The Body Shop Body Butter (Strawberry)

Happy Monday everyone! I have another review for you guys, also from The Body Shop. The lip roll-on reviewed last time was sort of a disappointment, but this is one of their most loved products (Which I realized I’ve never reviewed before) and I can definitely see why. The one I currently have is the travel-sized […]

[Review] Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great week…and that you’ll enjoy this new review. I thought I already reviewed this…but apparently I never did. Opps. Well, better late than never, right? So here it is! I had heard a lot of people raving about this mask, so I finally caved during an order and […]

[Review] Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream

Happy February, everyone! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the first day of this lovely month. Anyways, I have a moisturizer review for you guys…I’ve been using this for about a month, and I thought it was time to finally review it. Enjoy! I got this for about $9.99, which is a pretty good price […]

[Review] The Body Shop Glazed Apple Hand Cream (Travel Size)

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2015…let’s celebrate with a review of a product that I’ve recently come to really love…I hope you guys enjoy. I fell in love with this scent pretty much the first time I smelled it at The Body Shop. It’s sweet with a hint of tartness, and a perfect holiday scent. […]

[Review] TonyMoly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Hello everyone! Summer feels as if it’s ending way too fast and, before we know it, those harsh winter months are going to hit. I decided to review a product that was great to use during the summer but will be even better in the winter. The well-known TonyMoly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream…I had been eyeing this product […]

[Review] Lush Gorilla Perfume (Solid)

My second Lush product…I swear, I am totally getting sucked into this brand. Anyways, I don’t usually wear perfume because I’m pretty sensitive to them and strong fragrances give me headaches. This was actually one of the reasons I didn’t really shop at Lush in the first place. Anyways, I went there to buy a […]