[Review] The Body Shop Body Butter (Strawberry)

Happy Monday everyone! I have another review for you guys, also from The Body Shop. The lip roll-on reviewed last time was sort of a disappointment, but this is one of their most loved products (Which I realized I’ve never reviewed before) and I can definitely see why. The one I currently have is the travel-sized […]

[Review] Bath & Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Hello everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s review is a short one on something that’s not really beauty-related…anti-bacterial hand gel. With so many people getting sick at this time of year, it’s better to have some precautions on hand for those times when you don’t have soap and water available. I took this picture a […]

[Review] TonyMoly Perfumed Body Grace Cream Shower

So…new week, new review…let’s dive straight in! The name of this seems a little strange, but hey…it was free, right? This looks pretty fancy, and there was no description on it so I was left to simply discover how it smelled. It definitely looks like something that’s part of some fancy fragrance line. I was a […]

[Review] Bath & Body Works Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel (Travel Size)

So…back with another Bath & Body Works review! This time on a shower gel…enjoy, everyone. I got this in 2 different scents: Beautiful Day and Sea Island Cotton. Just so you know in advance, they’re both pretty much the exactly same in terms of how well it works. They just smell and look different. Alright, […]

[Review] Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Fragrance Mist (Travel Size)

So…it’s almost the New Year…is everyone excited? Today’s review is on a fragrance I’ve had my eye on for a while, but I didn’t buy it until about a month ago. The perfume’s description is as follows: “Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème”. […]

[Review] Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion (Fragrance Free)

Hi everyone! Doing a bit of a different review today…skincare, but it’s a body lotion this time. Sorry for being MIA…it happens a lot, because I get pretty busy sometimes…I try to stay on top of things, but it can be pretty difficult sometimes. Well…onto the review! This is my HG body lotion…I’ve been using […]

[Review] Lush Charity Pot Luscious Hand and Body Lotion

Hey guys! I’m back with a short review, this time for a lotion. While shopping for a Lush loving friend’s birthday present, I stumbled across this little beauty on their website. I couldn’t bring myself to purchase the full-size for almost $23.00, so I just purchased a smaller size for $5.95. Though a lot of […]

[Review] The Body Shop Body Sorbet

Hey everyone! With the humid summertime heat, some cool, creamy and fruit sorbet is always welcome. When I saw that I could give my body the same treat, I just couldn’t resist! I got this in Mango.   For some reason, every picture I took of this product was blurry and the writing was pretty much […]