[Review] Bath and Body Works Cooling Gel Lotion

Hey everyone! Remember when I said I might have found a cheaper dupe for The Body Shop’s Body Sorbet? Well…this is it! Say hello to the Bath and Body Works Cooling Gel Lotion. It’s usually $12.50 per tube but, as many of us know, Bath and Body Works frequently has crazy sales. While I was […]

[Review] Bath And Body Works Endless Weekend Wave & Shine Hair Mist

Hello everyone! With summer going strong, beachy waves can be seen everywhere from magazine covers to the sidewalk. However, not all of us have the time to go to the beach everyday. So begins the search for the perfect texturizing spray. I stumbled across this while browsing the new Bath and Body Works collection and […]

[Review] Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Nourishing Hand Cream

Hey guys! Thought I’d stop by with another review. Before I start, I thought I’d just let you guys know that I love hand creams. Despite the fact that I rarely review one, I really do like them. It’s just that they last so long that I don’t really need or have that many at […]