[Review] A’Pieu Marker Pen Tint

Hello everyone! So today I’ll be reviewing a lip tint that’s different from the other tints that I own in that it’s a marker. I’ve seen these floating around for a while, and finally decided to pick one up myself.


I got this for about $5, which is pretty cheap. I have this in the shade RD02 (Punch Red).


Not much to say about the packaging…it’s quite simple. It looks like a marker (It’s around the length of a Sharpie) and you can see the shade at the bottom of the marker.


The tip has a nice shape because it’s slightly curved, which makes it perfect to use on your lips.


The picture is a little blurry, but you can still see the colour. It looks slightly more pink in the above picture, but it swatches more red. It’s sort of like a nice, bright fruit punch red.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the tint itself. It was sheer, which is expected of a tint, but also streaky and uneven. It literally felt like I was using a marker on my lips, which should have been expected, I suppose.

It dragged and, since the colour was so sheer and streaky, I had to go over several times. I found it was especially difficult to get it to adhere to my top lip. It is also incredibly drying, even for a tint (The marker tip probably didn’t help). What I expected to be convenient and simple application ended up being difficult because the tint was hard to work with and the marker was so scratchy (Sorry, that’s the best word I can think of).

It also sets fairly quickly, so it can be quite difficult to fix the streakiness and unevenness in time. Adding another coat doesn’t really make it better, either.

The colour fades after about 4 hours of wear, which is a lot less than the other tints that I own. It also fades somewhat unevenly, which is definitely not good.

I’m glad I got this for cheap, because I don’t think I’ll really be reaching for this one.


  • Cheap
  • Simple packaging
  • Nicely shaped tip
  • Nice colour


  • Streaky and uneven
  • Very drying
  • Fades faster than other tints
  • Fades unevenly
  • Marker tip drags
  • Colour doesn’t really adhere to top lip

Overall rating: 3/10

Would I repurchase? No.

I think that’s the end of my experimentation with marker tints…perhaps others have had more luck than me. Like I said, at least it was cheap. And I satisfied my curiosity about these marker tints.


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