[Review] TheFaceShop Face It Oil Cut Pore Balm

Hey everyone! So I recently used up my Etude House powder so decided to try this balm from TheFaceShop that I’ve been curious about for a while. As some of you may know, I have an oily T-zone that, while it is less oily in the winter, needs to be controlled with some sort of product. I’ve used powder up until now, but I swatched this balm in store and decided to get it.


I got this for about $15, which is more expensive than my previous powders, but I’m hoping it’ll last a long time.

It claims to not only control oil, but also fill in pores and fine lines and make your makeup look smoother and adhere better. So I guess it’s essentially like a base, although it does also say that you can use it after your makeup as well.


It comes in a really nice and sturdy metal tin, which does get dirty fairly easily (Fingerprints show up really easily on it). I don’t know if I would really carry this around in my purse or anything because the lid, while secure, could come off.

It comes with a puff inside that is stiffer than a usual puff (It almost feels more like a sponge), I guess because it’s a balm. For hygienic reasons, the puff is separated from the product by a plastic separator.


The balm itself is just plain and white. I was worried about its oil controlling abilities, but once you rub it into your skin a little it goes from a balmy texture to a smooth and sort of powdery, almost silky, texture. So it definitely does feel like a base.

I tried using the puff the first two times, and have since totally ditched it. I feel like the product never really gets to my skin when I use the puff. The balm isn’t easily picked up by the puff to begin with, and then doesn’t really seem to ever actually get on my skin.

Perhaps it gets absorbed, or perhaps after rubbing the balm with the puff (Patting didn’t do much) it already changed texture and so adhered to the puff instead? I don’t know, but I have been using my fingers instead. Not the most hygienic method, I know, but it works for me. I think if it had been in a stick format or something, it definitely would have been easier to use.

Anyways, when this balm is applied I do notice a bit of a blurring effect. Just a little bit. And my skin does feel smoother and look matter, which is nice. I have also noticed that my makeup does go on nicer. This doesn’t really mattify as much as I’m used to with powders, though.

My skin stays shine-free for about 3-4 hours after application, which is alright. However, it does seem to make my dry patches a little drier, so I have been using it just on my T-zone.

I have also noticed a difference in the wear time of my makeup. Controlling oil has helped my makeup stay on longer, obviously, but I found that, even after my skin gets oily, my makeup stays on longer than usual.

One thing that I should point out, though, is that it is currently winter. I imagine my skin would get oily faster in the summer. So, while this is a good base, I am probably going back to a powder after I use this up.

Another thing is that I can’t really use this to tone down that ‘dewy’ look of BB creams as such, or to really set my makeup. Though it does seem like more of a base product, it does say that you can use it after doing your makeup as well.

I have tried to do touch ups with this before, using it instead of blotting papers. It does make my skin less oily, but it also feels somewhat strange once you put it on oily skin. I’m not 100% sure how to explain it, but it sort of feels like a thin layer of balm on my face? Anyhow, it doesn’t quite mattify my skin 100%.

All in all, not a bad product, but not really a favourite either.


  • Sturdy and nice packaging
  • A bit of a blurring effect
  • Makes skin feel smoother
  • Makeup stays on longer than usual


  • Puff not very useful
  • Not as effective as powders
  • Makes dry patches drier
  • Not great for touchups

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

I find that it’s kind of pricey for the product, especially since I didn’t really love it or anything. Perhaps somebody will have better luck than me. Or perhaps I’ll buy another powder and just continue using this as a base in the summer.


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