[Review] TonyMoly Liptone Get It Tint

Hey guys! So I’m back with yet another lip tint review. I saw a few good reviews online about this, and they had a nice colour selection, so I decided to try it out. I got this in Dark Night (06).


This lip tint was around $6 USD plus shipping, which isn’t too bad for a tint.


I find the packaging of this tint really interesting because it looks a lot like a nail polish bottle, and there are two caps, which is good for preventing leaks and such. You can see the colour and how much is left of the product, and the packaging feels really sturdy as well.


Since the second lid (The one attached to the applicator) is also pretty small, this can be a little awkward to use.


The applicator in general is just awkwardly short…that’s the whole length of the applicator right there (Okay, a little bit is hidden in the lid, which isn’t fully shown in the picture…but still, that’s quite short).


This looked like a really pretty dark red in the bottle, and when swatched as well, but unfortunately is not nearly as pigmented as I expected once on the lips.


The formula is a little thicker than regular tint, but dries really quickly and it also kind of streaky, which makes even application a little difficult. This isn’t really that pigmented, even for a lip tint. With three coats, my lips just looked a little darker and redder than usual. It seems to get more uneven with each coat as well.

Since the tint dries so quickly, you have to be quick about fixing any streakiness or unevenness. I found that this tint also doesn’t seem to really work well on my top lip either, but that is the case with quite a few tints that I own.

On the instructions on the box, it also suggests you line your lips with the tip before filling in. I honestly do not recommend this. I tried this, and it gives a nice, dark red tinted outline…but then when you try to fill in the rest of your lips, it doesn’t turn out as dark. So you just get a darker outline…at least, in my experience. Since it dries so quickly, you can’t exactly try to blend it or anything either.

However, this lasts until you take it off, which surprised me given the pigmentation. It is also completely transfer proof once dry. I found that it makes a really nice base for my Ameli Platlips tint, since it’s almost the same colour and ensures that even after the Ameli tint fades there will still be colour on my lips. I don’t really wear it on its own, though.


  • Good packaging
  • Good lasting power
  • Makes a good base for other lip colours


  • Awkward applicator
  • Not as pigmented as expected
  • Streaky
  • Gets more uneven with each coat
  • Doesn’t really work well on top lip

Rating: 6.5/10

Would I repurchase? No.

I don’t exactly regret the purchase, since it fixes the only real problem I have with my Ameli tint (The lasting power), but it’s not a tint I’d buy again because I wouldn’t wear it alone. I’m a little disappointed because, after reading the good reviews, I was expecting something better. I’m glad it has worked out for some people, though. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a line of tints with a nice colour selection and nice formulation.


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