[Review] Chosungah 22 Dual Lip Tint & Gloss

Happy New Year everyone! So since my last post of 2016 was one of my HG lip products, I figured out my first post of 2017 might be another one of my HGs!

(So sorry the picture’s upside down guys…no idea why I didn’t realize that earlier.)


So I got this lip tint during the summer, and it was a little pricey (Especially for a tint)…I got it for $20, and on the Sephora site it’s $23+tax. I got this in Velvet, which has a dark red tint on one end and a reddish orange sheer gloss on the other.


The packaging itself is pretty plain, but it’s nice and sturdy.


Though the tint looks really dark, it’s just a bit darker than your typical red tint once applied. The gloss is pretty sheer as well.


The tint dries incredibly quickly, so you’re going to have to work fast. On top of that, it’s a little difficult to work with since it can be a little patchy. However, the colour is really pretty, and buildable. It’s pretty pigmented for a tint though.


The gloss is so sticky…it literally feels like adhesive on my lips. The only way I can describe it is to compare it to the sticky adhesive left behind by stickers and whatnot. It’s so sticky it drags when I apply it with the brush. And, I don’t know if you can tell from the picture or not, but it’s quite thick and goopy as well. Wearing this on a windy day is a disaster.

However, a little bit of tint and gloss go an extremely long way. I definitely do not recommend anything more than a little bit of gloss.

A little bit of gloss adds an extremely pretty, almost glass-like glossiness to your lips (In a good way). Putting on a full coat of gloss straight from the brush (Like I did the first time), and it looks like you went overboard. And it’s difficult to undo putting on too much gloss, but I’ll go into more detail in a few paragraphs.

The gloss really locks in the colour though. Seriously, the staying power of this product is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

12 hours later it looks exactly the same as when I applied it. The glossiness (And stickiness, thankfully) has faded a smidge, but other than that looks the same. And, I guess because of the gloss, I don’t need lip balm or anything either. It’s like the gloss has frozen my lips in time. If I make a tiny mistake with the tint in the morning, it’s still there at night. I totally expected the gloss to be gone after 4 hours, max….but 12 hours later, to my amazement, still looks as good as the morning.

I once put it on the morning, drove 4 hours to a different city and then went to a wedding…after a total of 16 hours, and it still looked as good as it did in the morning, glossiness and everything.

However, this is also extremely difficult to remove. The tint itself stains like crazy (The swatch on my arm lasted 2 days), and the tacky gloss only makes things more difficult. Like I said before…it’s like adhesive. So, if you go overboard with the gloss, good luck trying to undo that. I can never fully get rid of the tacky feeling either. Or the stain it leaves on my lips.

Since you need so little of it, and it lasts so long, one tube of this stuff is literally going to last me forever.

So, while it is extremely difficult to remove and the gloss is crazy tacky, how gorgeous it looks on my lips and the insane lasting power (One of the most important things for me) is what makes this an HG for me.


  • Pretty colour
  • Buildable
  • Pigmented
  • A little goes a long way
  • Gloss is really pretty
  • Insane lasting power


  • Pricey
  • Gloss is really sticky
  • Extremely difficult to remove

I can trust that, no matter what happens, this tint will last. And last. And last. I would recommend this to anyone who wants something that would last them through the apocalypse. However, it you cannot stand sticky glosses (Or stickiness in general), stay away from this one.


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