[Review] Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Hello again everyone! So I realized that a lot of reviews lately have been of lip products, so I decided to switch it up and review something a little different…a face mask! I’ve been meaning to try a face mask from Lush for a pretty long time now, but for some reason, never got around to it until recently.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about their Cosmetic Warrior mask, so that’s what I decided to start with. The description, taken from their website, is that it will “smooth and tighten the pores” and make for “a fresh, clear, happy face”. This basically claims to “cleanse and soothe troubled skin”.

This is a little pricey…with tax and everything, it was almost $11. It also expires about 2-3 weeks after you buy it, but that’s to be expected considering what’s in the mask. I also really like how, if you save up 5 pots, you can return them and get a free face mask. That’s a pretty good incentive to recycle, if you ask me.


Anyways, the mask itself, in all honesty, looks kind of gross, and has the consistency of wet clay with some little chunks in it…? That’s the best way I can describe it. I’m also not a big fan of the smell, which is fairly strong, but since it does have garlic and tea tree in it, that didn’t really come as a surprise to me.

I followed the directions and left this mask for about 10 minutes before washing it off. This never fully dried down, but was a little harder to remove than I expected…nothing too bad though.

I noticed that my skin did feel a little smoother and my pores a little smaller, but in terms of acne, I didn’t notice a difference in redness or anything.

I used this mask twice a week for about 2 weeks, plus once on the third week, and while I did notice a slight difference in my pores (Or perhaps that was just wishful thinking…it was hard to tell), I didn’t notice any change with my acne in redness, frequency of breakouts or size.

However, I wasn’t really breaking out that badly when I got this mask…I just got a few pimples and decided to try this mask out.

I also had to waste a little bit of product since it expired…it wasn’t too much, just about a single use, but it was pricey so I was a little sad about that. I guess I’m just not really the type of person to remember to use masks all that frequently.

All in all, this mask wasn’t bad, but also didn’t really do everything that it claimed it would. Maybe I’ll have better luck with a different mask.


  • Good ingredients
  • Good incentive to recycle the containers
  • Skin felt a little smoother after
  • Pores looked a little smaller after


  • Pricey
  • Strong scent
  • Made no difference in terms of acne
  • Some wasted because of expiry

Overall rating: 6.5/10

Would I repurchase? Maybe.

I’ll probably try out some other masks and see how they work for me…perhaps I’ll find one that I’ll really like, who knows. This mask worked for quite a few of my friends, but I guess I’ve been using so much on my acne for so long that it didn’t really have as much of an effect…? If any of you guys get it, I hope that it works better for you!


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