[Review] Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

Hello again! So Urban Decay is launching a new lipstick line, and their old lipsticks were on sale, so I decided to pick one up.


I got this in the shade ‘Shame’, which is different from anything else that I own. Swatches will be a little further down. As I mentioned above, I got this on sale. It was $13, marked down from $26 (Which I think is pretty pricey), so I simply couldn’t resist.


I’ll just warn you guys that there will be quite a lot of pictures in this post…I guess I went a little overboard with this one.


Anyways, this claims to be a pigmented lipstick that plumps as well as leaves lips soft. Sounds like basically everything I could ever want in a lipstick. Though it doesn’t mention staying power…


In case anyone is curious, I also took a picture of the list of ingredients. One thing I really like about the label is that it’s the colour of the lipstick…it’s a simple but nice touch.


The inside of the box is a nice pop of green, which I didn’t expect. Of course, one of the reasons I took so many pictures is because I really like this packaging. It’s edgy but simple.


The tube itself is simple and sturdy, but still quite unique. It’s silver, and actually quite weighty, and textured. The only thing I don’t like about it is how easily it gets marked by my fingerprints…you can see some in the picture above, and that was just from taking the tube out and positioning it for the picture. At least it’s fairly easy to wipe off, as well.


The inside of the tube is purple, like the box, and it has a flat lipstick bullet. The colour of the bullet really does match the tube…a nice, deep burgundy colour.


When swatched, the colour looks more like a deep plum, but I still think it looks really pretty. As you can see, this lipstick is also pretty pigmented.

This lipstick feels nice and creamy on the lips, but does highlight dry patches and settle into fine lines a little. As you can see from the swatch above, it applies a little unevenly and streaky as well. I find it a little too dark (I usually go for bright pinks), so I apply a little to the centre of my lips and then spread it out with my fingers.

On the lips, it is a nice plum colour, like in the swatch. However, you can definitely build the colour up to a deep burgundy, like the colour of the bullet. Do keep in mind, though, that the more you apply, the more noticeable the unevenness is.

This doesn’t really have any kind of plumping effect, though, but that’s not a big deal. At least, not for me.

This wears really comfortably on the lips, and does stain your lips afterwards. Even if I do not re-apply it even once throughout the day, my lips are still stained a nice pinky plum at the end of the day.

This begins to fade around hour 4, though you can get away with waiting about 6 hours before re-applying. If you eat anything, though, it doesn’t last as long.

This fades from the inside out, though, which looks a little awkward sometimes. But re-application is pretty easy. A little bit is enough for my lips, since I don’t apply it full-on. And even though it does apply slightly unevenly and highlight dry patches somewhat, it still looks fine.

There are some things I dislike about this lipstick, but I can forgive it because of the gorgeous colour.


  • Nice, sturdy packaging
  • Gorgeous colour
  • Feels creamy
  • Pigmented
  • Buildable
  • Wears comfortably
  • Stains lips
  • Good lasting power


  • Pricey
  • Applies a little unevenly and streaky
  • Highlights dry patches somewhat
  • Settles into fine lines a little
  • Fades from inside out

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Would I repurchase? Maybe.

While the colour is gorgeous and it lasts a really long time (Not to mention the packaging is pretty), I don’t think I would pay $26 for it. However, I am hoping that the new line will have a less streaky formula. If it applied more evenly and didn’t highlight dry patches as much, I would be in love with it. For now, I am in love with the vampy look of this colour…maybe, with this, I can work towards being more comfortable wearing darker colours.


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