[Review] TheFaceShop Lovely Me:ex Love Mark Tint

Hello everyone! So I finally got to try a product that I’ve been curious about for a while now…I’m slowly making my way through my list. I got this in 01 (Hot Kiss Red).


I found this product interesting mostly because of the applicator, which is a small, lip-shaped sponge. The container for this product is nice and sturdy, and fits nicely into the palm of my hand, which makes it easy to carry around.


There’s a separator between the sponge and the actual product, which is a nice, bright, cherry red. I’m not sure why, but the colour looks pink in most of the pictures I took…but the colour you see in the above pictures and on the box itself is a more accurate depiction of the colour in real life.


The lip-shaped sponge is actually way too small for my lips, which makes it a little awkward to use. It also absorbs some of the product, which I think is a bit of a waste. However, I found that if I purse my lips, the small sponge is the perfect shape and size to create a nice gradient lip.


The product itself is nice and creamy, and doesn’t really highlight dry patches, which I really like. It’s pretty pigmented, and the sponge gives you nice control over how much product you put on your lips. The colour is also really buildable, so you can get anything from a nice red tint to basically full-on red lips. It does have a slightly glossy look to it, but nothing too noticeable. It basically looks and feels like a creamy lipstick, and is quite light.


Despite the name, this isn’t really like a tint, which is a little disappointing. On the bright side, it’s really easy to blend, and doesn’t feel dry, though it doesn’t moisturize either. However, after about 4 hours (Or after any kind of meal) the colour is basically gone. And it’s doesn’t really leave behind a tint either.

Finally, I haven’t tried yet, but I think the sponge is going to be really awkward to clean, if I can clean it at all. It has already absorbed quite a lot despite my efforts to clean it off after each use.

Overall, not a bad product but not what I expected when I initially got it. I am glad that I finally got to try it, though.


  • Nice and sturdy packaging
  • Creamy and easy to blend
  • Good for gradient lips
  • Doesn’t highlight dry patches
  • Pigmented and buildable
  • Sponge makes it easy to control amount of product applied
  • Not drying


  • Sponge is awkward to use
  • Sponge absorbs some of product
  • Not long-lasting
  • Doesn’t tint lips
  • Sponge difficult to clean

Overall rating: 7/10

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

This product wasn’t exactly cheap, and while the concept was interesting and there are some pros to it, I don’t think it’s something that I’d re-purchase. I don’t exactly regret it, but, personally, I don’t like the product enough to re-purchase it. Like I said before, though, I am glad that I finally got to try it. And the colour is quite nice, so I’ll definitely use it up.


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