Reviews to Come!

Hi everyone! So I recently just placed an order, so I have a couple of new items to try that I’ll be reviewing in a little bit…but I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures first.

I’ll admit that I bought most of this because of the packaging…I couldn’t resist that Doraemon packaging. Unfortunately, I won’t be reviewing the BB cushion or blush from A’Pieu because those are gifts. But the tint and lipbalm (Which I’ve been wanting to try forever) reviews are coming up soon!


Next up are a couple of products from the Line friends collection by TheFaceShop. I’ve already reviewed the concealer, though they seem to have changed the formula and shades a bit (I used to be NB23, but now I’m using V201) so perhaps I’ll do an updated review…


Finally, as some of you know, I do a lot of lip product reviews…that will probably be stopping soon, because I really do have more than I know what to do with. But, I’ll probably pick up one or two more during the summer…I already bought 2 more recently, too. But 2 of the ones pictured are almost out, so it balances out. Sort of. Most of these are just different shades of pink, though…


Anyways, today’s post was a bit of a random one, but just wanted to let you guys know what you could expect in the future! Thanks for stopping by!


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