[Review] TheFaceShop Daily Nourishing Hair Emulsion

Hey guys! So today’s review is going to be on a product that I’ve been using almost daily for about a little under a month, and have really been loving. Hope you guys enjoy! So this is around $25, if I remember correctly…which is a little pricey, in my opinion. But nothing too bad. It comes […]

[Review] Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

So, today’s review is going to be a little different…rather than a beauty product, today’s product is a beauty tool. I’ve been hearing a lot about cleansing pads, sponges and the like the past little while, and was curious about how much better the results would really be. A friend of mine recommended this to […]

[Review] TheFaceShop Enamel Coating Tint

Hello again…I am back with yet another lip product review. I keep telling myself I need to use up some before buying more, but I guess I just can’t help it…well, hope you guys enjoy! I wanted to venture away of my usual pinks and reds, so when I saw this on sale, I decided to just […]

[Review] Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat

So, I bought a new top coat a few weeks ago after my old one dried up. I haven’t tested it out much (About 3 times), but I figured I might as well write a review on it now. This top coat was about $6, which isn’t too bad. And Sally Hansen polishes have been […]

[Review] Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Hi everyone! So, I got this during the Boxing Day sale at Lush, which was a while ago…I figured it was about time I finally reviewed it for you guys. Hope you enjoy! This is quite pricey….about $30.00, not including tax, for a 500mL bottle. However, Lush doesn’t test on animals or anything, so I love […]