[Review] Sephora The Natural: Citrus Brush Cleaner

Hello everyone! So, for the past year, I’ve been meaning to get something to clean my brushes with but could never decide what. After reading a few reviews online, I decided to go to my local Sephora and get this one. It’s been about a month, so I figured it’s about time I write a review for it.


I got the smaller version, since I just wanted to try it out. This was $14.00 + tax.


The first thing I noticed when I sprayed this was the scent. It was a fresh citrus scent, which wasn’t too bad at first. However, after a little while and a couple more spritzes, it starts to get a little strong.

However, this does a really good job of cleaning my brushes. It’s a little surprising how dirty my brushes can get, and this got rid of a lot of it. Even the stubborn sparkle from some of my eyeshadows and blushes.

It also dries pretty quickly….I’d say my brushes were dry within an hour or so. I usually use this at night and then leave my brushes out to air-dry overnight. There’s also no lingering scent after it’s dry.

There’s not much else to say about it…it does what it’s supposed to, which is enough for me.


  • Does a really good job of cleaning brushes
  • Removes sparkle from brushes
  • Dries pretty quickly
  • No lingering scent after it has dried


  • Scent can get a little overwhelming

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Would I repurchase? Probably.

This is a pretty good brush cleanser, but the scent bothers me a little sometimes. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, though, so there’s not much for me to complain about. Since I don’t use my brushes much, this travel bottle will probably last me a pretty long time. Hope you guys enjoyed this short review, though!


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