[Review] Sephora Retractable Lip Brush (#60)

Hello everyone! I’m back with another short review for today…something else I’d been meaning to get for a while now. Hope you enjoy. I recently got a lip palette (Which I will review in the near future…hopefully), and decided to get a lip brush to go with it. Strangely enough, finding a lip brush that […]

[Review] A’Pieu Shea Butter Hand Cream

Hi everyone! So I’m back with a product review that’s not a lip product…and that I think is absolutely adorable. Hope you enjoy! I was looking for a new hand cream and happened to come across this one from A’Pieu. I happen to love both lilies and Doraemon, so when I saw this I bought it […]

[Review] TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid

Hello everyone! I think my love for lip products is starting to become evident….but hope you enjoy this review anyways! This is usually $25, which I think is pretty pricey, but I got it for $10 because of an insane sale at my local TheFaceShop. I got this in PK04, or Pink Hommage, which is a […]

[Review] Urban Dollkiss Easylooks Soft Lipstick

Hey everyone! I’m back with yet *another* lipstick review…hope you guys aren’t tired of them yet. I promise I have other products to review…which I’ll get around to soon. Promise. Anyways, I got this lipstick because I’ve been wanting to try out a coral lipstick for a while now, and the colour of this one looked […]

[Review] TheFaceShop Trendy Nails (Glitter)

Hey guys! So I got a bunch of these nail polishes from an in-store promotion a little while ago, and decided to review them all in one post. These are pretty cheap…I believe around $3 a bottle? And there’s a lot of colours to choose from, too. I have 7 different colours (And multiples of […]

[Review] The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (SPF28/PA++)

Hey everyone! After running out of the liquid side of my HG concealer (For the second time), I decided it was time to try out a new one. I had read a few reviews, and saw that this one had pretty good reviews and was a decent price, so decided to get it. It was […]