[Review] Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick

Hey guys! I’m back, with a lipstick review this time…hope you guys will enjoy it.

2015-10-20 13.54.22

So I’ve been eyeing this lipstick for a while, and finally decided to get it during my last order on TesterKorea. I got this in the shade 5 (Which is apparently called Sweet Peach Butter). It’s a little pricier than other lipsticks from Korean brands (Such as Etude House) and drugstore brands. It was about $13 for me.

2015-10-20 13.54.33

The packaging for this is simple, which I really like. Also environmentally friendly, as Innisfree prides themselves on being. It’s just a simple cardboard box with a flower on it.

2015-10-20 13.54.53

This claims to be ‘smooth coating’ and ‘great fitting’ and have ‘pure glossy color’ and ‘camellia oil’.

2015-10-20 13.54.43

The lipstick itself also has simple, minimalist packaging…but I really like the design of this. It’s a nice, clean white with the colour on the bottom of the tube. The tube does get dirty pretty easily though, so be careful.

2015-10-20 13.55.25

One of my favourite parts is the rose gold on the inside. It also has a short description of the lipstick, which is nice. It just looks very classy.

2015-10-20 13.57.21

The bullet itself is round, which makes application fairly easy, except around the cupid’s bow. It is definitely not as red as in the pictures I took…this always happens…I apologize. But imagine that as a more fuschia colour…or look at the promotional posters.

2015-10-20 13.57.28

The colour is a sort of fuschia (Not quite a peach, but it does look like the colour shown in the promotional posters), but very pretty. The swatch below is one swipe. This picture is a more accurate representation of what colour the lipstick actually is than the pictures above.

2015-10-20 13.58.50

I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t as creamy as I expected (It is called creammellow), but it does goes on really nicely. It does drag a tiny bit, though. It’s very pigmented…one coat and you’re good to go. It’s also fairly moisturizing, and still creamy enough to feel comfortable on the lips.

It looks a little glossy on lips (But not sparkly or oily), and the glossiness lasts almost as long as the lipstick does, which is really nice. There is a bit of shimmer, but it’s not very noticeable. I didn’t even really notice until I tried to take the lipstick off and noticed that my lips were a little sparkly.

The colour is true to the bullet, and just gorgeous. It’s fairly wearable, but a nice, fun, pop of colour.

It does highlight dry patches a little bit, but nothing that’s too noticeable.

This lasts for about 4 hours before it starts drying out, which I think is pretty good. And this is even with a lot of talking. However, the colour does stain a bit. It does begin to fade after about 6 hours, but it fades nice and evenly.

Re-applying won’t make it look really gross or cakey, unless your lips are really dry (Then it’ll highlight the dry patches more, but it’s not too bad). It usually doesn’t start looking noticeably patchy until about the 3rd re-application, though (But even then it’s not too awful).

This lipstick, though it has pretty good staying power, is fairly easy to take off. Except for the glitter (But, compared to other lip products I’ve tried, it’s not too bad).

All in all, this a lipstick that I am definitely glad I ended up buying.


  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Clean and simple design
  • Pigmented
  • Moisturizing
  • Gorgeous colour
  • Glossy-looking
  • Good lasting power
  • Re-applying won’t make it look cakey


  • A little pricey
  • Tube gets dirty easily
  • Drags a little bit
  • Highlights dry patches a bit
  • Can get patchy after a few re-applications

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Would I repurchase? Definitely!

This is a lipstick I’ve found myself reaching for again and again since I’ve bought it. I am definitely going to try out some other colours from this line. The only problem is choosing just one colour to try next…


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