Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint


Hey everyone! So, I was just browsing around recently, and came across this. At first glance, I thought Etude House had released a marker version of their fresh cherry tints (The picture I saw was one where the caps were on). But it turns out that it’s actually more of a tinted balm, I guess?

The product looks really interesting, and I had a pretty good experience with the fresh cherry tints, so I sort of want to try this out. However, there aren’t many reviews out yet. From the few that I have read, it seems like this tint is really watery so it can get a little messy. Plus, it takes a little while to set, so the colour can slide.

Even on the description put out by Etude House, they mention that it’s really soft and can easily be broken if you push up too much at once…and if you do end up pushing up too much, there’s no way to undo it.

The idea of pressing seems nice at first, until I think about that. I wonder if, while in my bag, the button will be pressed and the contents pushed up when I don’t want them to be.


The colours do look really nice, though…especially the orange. And the red, depending on how pigmented this is. Hopefully the swatches in the picture above aren’t deceiving…unfortunately, they usually are. At least, in my experience.


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