[Review] Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balm

Hi everyone! I had been trying not to buy any more lip products lately, since I still have quite a few to try out, but that did not work out so well for me. Well, at least there are some new products for me to review!

2015-03-21 00.37.43

I had been curious about these for a little while now, and I’ve seen a few good reviews, so I wanted to try it out. When I saw these on sale for about $3.00 a few weeks ago, I decided to get it. I got this in peach. Regular price is around $6.00, so the price is pretty good.

2015-03-21 00.38.42

(Sorry for the blurry picture!)

The packaging for this is nice and sturdy, and convenient. It’s a twist-up product, so it’s easy to use. The cap is also nice and secure, so I don’t have to worry about it falling off and getting the product all over the inside of my purse or anything.

The smell might be a little strong for some, but I didn’t think it was anything too bad. It smelled like peaches, not too artificial, which was really nice. It fades after a little bit, though.

2015-03-21 00.38.59

I thought this was going to be a nice peach colour, which was something I did not yet own, and really wanted to try out. After I got home, I swatched it on my hand and it came out pretty much the exact same colour as it looked. It looks lighter in the picture, but my camera never seems to be able to capture the colours accurately. Imagine all the colours about a shade darker than you see in the pictures. The first swatch is swatched once, the second twice.

2015-04-07 19.16.43

On a side note, I thought that this would be a very pretty blush colour. In real life, it swatches as a peach colour with a hint of pink.

It was more pigmented than I thought it would be, which is nice.

However, when I tried it on my lips, it was not the colour I expected. Rather than looking anything like the peach colour I was expecting, it looked like a pale pink, or even nude, colour. It made me look a little like I was sick or something, actually. Not exactly flattering.

I didn’t want it to go to waste, though, so I always wear this with a red tint under. It looks nicer, and it’s pretty good for a natural looking gradient lip. I’d say this is a medium coverage lip product. I usually only have to apply one or two coats, and I’m good to go.

Unfortunately, this product settles into the lines and cracks in your lips, and will emphasize any sort of dryness or imperfections in your lips. Lip products that settles into the lines of my lips is a pet peeve of mine, so I wasn’t exactly happy with this.

I have to re-apply this product once about every 3-4 hours, which is pretty good. It doesn’t leave behind a stain or anything, but it does leave behind evidence of having settled into the lines in your lips. Which only becomes more evident the more you re-apply. After about 3 reapplications, I usually stop because it starts looking cakey…I can’t describe it exactly, but it’s not a pretty look.

I have to exfoliate a little before using this or it’ll emphasize all the dry patches and such. After a few hours, my lips become less smooth than right after exfoliating (Obviously), so I don’t want to re-apply this too many times or it’ll emphasize this.

Now…onto the better aspects of this product.

This product was a dream to apply, in terms of the texture. It felt really creamy, and was moisturizing. It wasn’t drying at all. It feels a little like a cross between a lip balm and a creamy lipstick. It wasn’t sticky or anything, and looked just the slightest bit glossy when applied. I think the texture is my favourite thing about this product.

I’m glad I got this on sale, and I’ll use it up, but this isn’t a favourite of mine by any means.


  • Good price
  • Sturdy and convenient packaging
  • Nice scent
  • Good pigmentation for a tinted balm
  • Decent wear time
  • Creamy texture
  • Moisturizing


  • Colour misleading
  • Settles into lines and cracks
  • Emphasizes any imperfections
  • Starts to look cakey after a few re-applications
  • Settling in lines and cracks of lips becomes more evident with re-application

Overall rating: 5/10

Would I repurchase? Sadly, no.

I wanted to like this product, especially since I love the texture. But the colour and the whole emphasizing imperfections thing is a deal-breaker for me. I’m glad other people have had better luck with this product but I’ll have to pass next time I see this. While the price is right, I would rather pay a few extra dollars for something I like better.


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