[Review] TonyMoly 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow

Yes, I realize there is a typo in the title. That is what is says on the box.

2015-01-18 21.34.24

Anyways, I got this product from the TonyMoly at Pacific Mall a few months ago, but I haven’t had a chance to use it much (Since I don’t have to draw in my eyebrows much). However, I’ve used it about half a dozen times since then and feel like I’m ready to write a review for it.

2015-01-18 21.34.39

This sounds like something that is basically like a temporary tattoo but for your eyebrows, and claims to last 7 days. That’s a pretty hefty claim. Let’s see if it lived up to it, shall we?

I got this in dark brown, since I have black hair and eyebrows.

2015-01-18 21.35.12

I chose this not only because of how long it claimed to last, but because of the fine brush tip. It’s easy to use, and very precise. I also find that this sort of application looks more natural than a brow pencil. It does take longer to apply, though.

2015-01-18 21.35.23

(Sorry for the blurry picture. My camera refused to focus for this picture.)

The pen itself is nice and slim, very convenient to carry around. The design is simple, but still pretty cute. The spelling error always bothers me, but I guess there’s not much I can do about that.

The colour is a little too light for my brows, but you can’t really tell unless you look really closely. My brows are pretty dark, so I guess I should have expected this to happen. There were only 2 colour options to choose from, though, and this was the darkest.

This really does last a very long time. Even with my oily skin, and washing my skin at night, it was still going strong. It generally doesn’t begin to fade until the fourth or fifth day. By the seventh day, it’s faint but you can still see it. That’s pretty good, right? If you retouch on the fourth day or so, you’ll probably get another week’s worth or so of wear.

Since I don’t fill in my brows very much, and one application with this lasts days, this will probably last me a very long time. It was definitely a good purchase.


  • Easy to use and precise
  • Looks natural
  • Slim, convenient and cute design
  • Lasts days, more if you reapply


  • Takes longer to apply
  • Colour a little too light
  • Only 2 colours to choose from

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Yes.

I’m a pretty lazy person, so the idea of only having to apply something once and having it last days is pretty appealing. Though it takes longer to apply, the precise, long lasting and natural looking application makes it totally worth it. I’d definitely recommend this product!


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