Jelly Tint Packs and Lip Tattoos!?


Hi everyone! So…I came across something really interesting the other day, and decided to share it with you guys.

So, apparently, there is a new lip tint product that claims to last 12 hours, basically like a (temporary) tattoo for your lips. That’s not really new…lots of tints claim to last that long.

This product is something that you apply and then, after ~5-10 minutes, peel off and it’s like a tattoo in that it (supposedly) lasts 12 hours. I’ve never seen a tint that you peel off…I’m not exactly sure what difference this would make, but I sure am curious.

This does sound slightly gross, though. And the color in the picture where they’re peeling the product off doesn’t look too pigmented (Although the other ones do). And I can’t help but wonder if you would have to repeat this process several times if you wanted a darker colour.

Perhaps one day I’ll try this…after I go through the half a dozen other lip products I currently own! And perhaps the much longer list of ones I want to try (Which this has now been added to…).

And, in case anyone was wondering, I first stumbled across this product here. So far, there don’t seem to be any reviews on the product, but I hope there will be some soon!


4 thoughts on “Jelly Tint Packs and Lip Tattoos!?

  1. I saw a few people talking about this a couple of weeks ago and they said to stay away because you’ll actually be peeling off the skin from your lips along with the product.

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