[Review] The Body Shop Body Butter (Strawberry)

Happy Monday everyone! I have another review for you guys, also from The Body Shop. The lip roll-on reviewed last time was sort of a disappointment, but this is one of their most loved products (Which I realized I’ve never reviewed before) and I can definitely see why.

2015-01-18 19.31.56

The one I currently have is the travel-sized Strawberry one (Although my favourite is probably the Mango one). The container is cute yet very durable, and I will definitely be using this one to store some trinkets after I’m through with it!

The lotion inside a light pink colour and, right when you open it, you can smell the strawberry. What I love about it is that it’s not a very artificial-smelling strawberry, but a more natural one (If that makes any sense?). If you’re sensitive to scents, though, you might want to try this in store first, because the scent might be a bit too strong for some.

2015-01-18 19.32.08

It really is a butter in that, since it’s winter and cooler, I have to rub my fingers in it a little to warm it up before I can use it. And it feels amazing to rub into my skin because it’s light and feels like it’s sort of melting into my skin. It also leaves my skin lightly strawberry scented after.

This may be a con for some, though, especially if you want to use any other scented products or you’ve used something else that leaves your skin scented afterwards and the scents combined might not be that nice.

It absorbs fairly quickly, which is nice especially if you’re in a rush. There’s a little bit of residue after you use this, though.

This really does work amazingly well. It keeps my skin nice and soft, even during these harsh winter months, and I love the texture. The tub isn’t as convenient as a pump, but I would definitely rather than this particular product in a tub than a pump because of its texture.

In short, no wonder so many people love this product.


  • Cute and durable container
  • Scent not too artificial
  • Light and melts into skin
  • Leaves skin lightly scented after (Might be con for some)
  • Absorbs fairly quickly
  • Nice, buttery texture
  • Keeps skin nice and soft


  • Scent might be too strong for some
  • Takes a second or two to warm up (In cooler/cold weather)
  • Some residue

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Already have!

This is one of my favourite lotions, and The Body Shop has quite a few sales throughout the year and you can usually get the full-sized version for $10.00, which isn’t too bad. They also have an XL version, though I like trying out their scents (And, as always, new products) and probably wouldn’t want a tub that big. However, if anyone is on the fence about this product, I suggest they try it out…for me, at least, it’s lived up to its popularity.


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