[Review] Bath & Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Hello everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s review is a short one on something that’s not really beauty-related…anti-bacterial hand gel.

2015-02-14 13.52.00

With so many people getting sick at this time of year, it’s better to have some precautions on hand for those times when you don’t have soap and water available. I took this picture a little while ago, and just recently dug it up, so I decided to write a review.

I actually pretty much always have one of these in my purse. They’re pretty cheap (3 for $5.00, I believe…), but people keep giving them to me as gifts (I got 2 during Christmas alone) so I always have more than I need on hand. I usually end up either re-gifting them or giving them to other members of my family.

I don’t actually use these all that much (One bottle lasts me a little over a year), but they’re handy to carry around. Plus, they come in a huge variety of scents.

The label describe this as: “A powerful germ-killing formula enriched with skin conditioning Tahitian Palm Milk. Leaves hands feeling clean and virtually germ-free.”

The gels are coloured to match the scent (Or at least make an attempt to) and there are these little blue beads inside them that dissolve when you rub the gel into your hands.

The scents in these are pretty strong (As with pretty much all products from Bath & Body Works), and they do linger for a few minutes afterwards. This does absorb quickly with no residue, though. And I’m just going to go ahead and assume that it kills germs, though I can’t exactly prove that.

Despite what they say about the formula being “enriched with skin conditioning Tahitian Palm Milk”, these definitely dry out your hands. Not that I expected anything it do otherwise.

So, just a basic little item that’s nice to have in your purse, I suppose.


  • Cheap
  • Convenient
  • Huge variety of scents
  • Absorbs quickly with no residue
  • Kills germs


  • Strong scents that linger
  • Drying

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Sure.

Not that I think I have to, with people constantly gifting them to me…anyways, these are pretty nice to have around. I know people who seem to use this hourly, though, and I definitely don’t recommend that, especially in the middle of winter. I’m sure there’s a sink or bathroom somewhere where you can wash your hands properly. Anyways, enjoy the rest of Valentine’s Day!


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