ToFebruary Review!


Hi everyone! So…today’s post is a little different. Still a review, but of a website…and not a beauty one. I decided to review it for a few reasons…one of which is a little warning to those of you maybe considering ordering from this site.

2013-11-22 21.45.37

The necklace on the left was $20.00 + shipping. The one on the right was $5.00 when I bought it, but it’s $6.00 now. This necklace is one of the more decently priced ones on the site.

So, I’ve ordered from this website twice so far…the prices for a lot of their products are a little high in my opinion so I only really order during their Black Friday Sale (20% off…pretty much the biggest discount you’ll get). If you live in the US, shipping is really cheap. But, everywhere else, you’re charged per item. And, if you look on their site, the prices are pretty steep. They apparently offer combined shipping, but I don’t have the details on that. I asked about it before (As I’ll mention later), but they never really gave me details.

Even if you order a more decently priced necklace, though, the shipping price will change that decent price to a not so decent one. Which is why I’m so reluctant to order from there when there’s no sale. For example, the two necklaces above cost (With shipping) $22.00, and that’s with a 20% discount and shipping was much less back then (Unless, like I said before, you live in the US).

2013-11-22 21.47.55

The shipping seems to have gone up from 2013, which was the first time I ordered from them.

2013-11-22 21.46.35

The necklace on the left is the one that I ordered from ToFebruary. The one on the right was from YesAsia.

They have a lot of really nice items and the necklaces that I’ve ordered from their site are very high quality and beautiful. I absolutely love them. They did each cost me over $20.00 (Shipping included), though. One reason I order so little from there. But their products, at least in my experience, are very good quality.

If you love Korean dramas, then this website will have a lot of merchandise that you’ll find familiar…including some stuff you might not be able to find elsewhere.

The first time I ordered from them, in 2013, I had a pretty good experience. Item came in 3 weeks and was really nicely packaged, with a cute little silver box and everything.

However, I did have a not so positive experience this year.

2015-01-12 20.47.48

The necklace that I ordered in 2014. Unlike the year before, it came in a regular bubble wrap envelope, but I don’t really mind.

I placed an order on November 29th last year and it shipped on December 2nd. I knew it was the holiday season, so shipping would be a little slow. (Note: Starting from here, the dates are approximate. I sent the e-mail through their website so I don’t have a copy of it myself to refer to) However, I still had not received it after the 9th of January, well over a month. So I decided to send them an e-mail that day, about how I never received the item. I got the item on the 14th, but I have yet to receive a response to the e-mail. It’s the 19th now, a week and a half after I sent that e-mail, and I still have yet to receive a response. I have a feeling I never will.

I have e-mailed them before, asking about the combined shipping rates, and they replied back within 48 hours. This time, though, it seemed they decided to ignore my e-mail entirely.

A lot of people have had good experiences with this website, and this is just one negative experience, but I just decided to let you guys know. Perhaps I just had bad luck, and ordering online is always a risk, but I thought it’d be better if even just 1 more person was a little more careful on this website. Like I said before, their items are good quality and I did end up receiving my item, but…maybe it’d do well to keep what happened to me in mind.

As for me, I’m definitely less likely to order from them. I bought the 2 things from the site I really wanted, and will probably turn to other sites (Like eBay) for other K-Drama merchandise. Hopefully, I will encounter lower prices…at least in terms of shipping.


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