Mist Toner


So, the other day I stumbled across an article that featured one of TheFaceShop’s product, so I decided to check it out. Turned out the product they were introducing was a mist toner…which I had never actually seen.

It was this specific toner.

It’s basically a toner in a spray bottle, which I think is pretty convenient…and will save a lot of cotton pads.

However, the price was pretty steep for a toner…$26.00. Ouch.

I think it’d be much better to just buy a spray bottle and fill it with toner. Which I have seen people do. I just never thought they’d sell it for such a high price for only 170 mL. That’s not really all that much.

Cool concept, though.

And, in case you’re wondering which article I was referring to earlier, here’s a link.


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