10 Days of Favourites: Day 4

Less than a week now…I can hardly wait! (You can probably tell…)

NEW Oil Absorbing Sheets (large)

So, today’s favourite is a product I’ve mentioned a few times and that many of you may be familiar with…the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets!

These are an absolute lifesaver…I don’t know what I’d do without them. Unlike the other products I’ve mentioned, they’re not makeup products, but I’m listing my beauty favourites here and I definitely consider these little beauties one of them.

They’re nice and silky and one sheet is more than enough for my entire face. On top of that, they don’t smudge makeup and one pack of these lasts me a little over half a year, which is pretty good, in my opinion.

With these, I can go from oil slick to shine free in no time, which is really nice.

That’s #7, people.

On a different note, I debated also talking about the products that I liked least, but decided to focus on the positive…and maybe give you guys some good recommendations while I’m at it!


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