10 Days of Favourites: Day 2

Alright…continuing on with this countdown. I’ve mentioned this product in 1 or 2 previous posts, but have yet to do a review on it. However, as of right now, this had made it onto my top 10 beauty products.

2014-12-06 21.01.20

It’s the Etude House My Castle Hand Cream in the Ice Frozen scent.

Admittedly, I bought this hand cream only because of the packaging and the intriguing scent (I love winter, so I just had to try this out) and that is also part of the reason why it’s made it onto my favourites list.

However, there are other reasons it’s #9.

Not only is the scent lovely, it’s also moisturizing (Enough to keep my hands soft even during the harsh winter months) and a convenient size. It also absorbs quickly with no residue, too.

So not only is the packaging lovely, but the product itself is great, too!

So that’s my #9.


2 thoughts on “10 Days of Favourites: Day 2

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