[Review] Jolse Blotting Papers

Hi everyone! I know the reviews have been sparse lately and I’m so sorry. This is an incredibly busy time of year (Some of you will probably agree), and I’m having to juggle a lot of things at once.

2014-10-16 16.11.46

I’m doing a bit of a different review today, as you can see. I decided to review the blotting papers given out by Jolse with orders, for anyone who’s curious.

Alright, so let’s start!

2014-12-06 20.51.35

The packaging for these is just so cute and pretty…the design of the one in the picture above is definitely my favourite out of the ones that I’ve received, though. I definitely love carrying these around. They’re a nice, convenient size, too.

These are just normal blotting papers.These are different from my other, silky blotting papers (My HG ones), but they’re free which is nice.

While I only needed one Clean and Clear blotting sheet for my entire face, and not even the entire sheet was clear when I was finished, I need two of these. And even then my face is slightly oily in some places. For people with skin that’s not as oily, these will probably be fine.

I’m going through these pretty quickly, though (Probably because of that). However, because it’s winter and my skin isn’t as oily, I can sometimes get away with using only 1. Two packages of these will probably last me until the summer, which is perfect because then I can just buy my HG ones.

They don’t smudge your makeup or anything, though, which is good.

Of course I’ll keep using these, especially since they were free, but I may end up giving my next package to a friend or something because I can already see myself going through a package in no time during those hot summer months.


  • Free
  • Cute packaging
  • Convenient size
  • Don’t smudge makeup


  • Doesn’t absorb much oil

Overall rating: 8/10

Would I repurchase? I am definitely ordering from Jolse again, so I guess yes.

Yes, my rating was greatly affected by the fact that it was free. Anyways, hope you enjoyed that…maybe getting to try some blotting papers for free will be a good reason to finally place that order? The amount of samples and free blotting paper make me feel a little better about spending the money…


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