10 Days of Favourites: Day 1

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to do a countdown on each of my blogs…on this one, I’ll be choosing my 10 favourite items from the year. I’m starting with #10 and revealing my absolute favourite on Christmas day. Enjoy!

This is also to make up for the fact that I’ve been MIA so lately…and also to celebrate the arrival of Christmas! Plus, it gives me a good chance to look back at my products again and remind myself of how much I love (Or dislike, it some cases) certain ones.

2014-04-22 16.02.21

Today’s favourite is the Baviphat Urban Dollkiss I Love Triple Lips.

What I like about it?

Pigmented, lovely (And incredibly vibrant) colour, long-lasting, a little goes a long way, and look at that packaging…how can you resist? It’s also not too drying and 0 lip prints. And when I say ‘long-lasting’, I mean until you take it off. Even through eating and drinking. Pretty good, huh?

Also, this definitely is not a “My lips but better” sort of tint. What you see is what you get. It’s less of a natural tint and more of a fun, in your face tint. Which is nice to have on sometimes.

So that makes it #10 on my favourites list.


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