Holiday Gift Guide 2014~ (Part 2)

So…as you can tell, this is the second part of the gift guide I’m creating for this year. I thought that the gifts in part 1 were more suited for girls, so I decided to create this one that leaned more towards gifts for guys (Well, I tried…let’s just call this a general gift guide then, okay?). Which, we all have to admit, are pretty hard to shop for. I hope this will at least give you some inspiration, though.

Let’s start!

1) A nice snapback


For some strange reason, a lot of the guys around me seem to have at least one of these. So why not just find another one with a nice design and gift it to them?

2) A CD


This is a nice idea if you know the artists they like…you just have to make sure they don’t already own that album. It’s a simple gift and pretty fool-proof, plus it’s pretty easy to find and (probably, depending on what sort of album you’re getting them) won’t break the bank. Also, yes I’m aware that this was also on my gift guide last year…I still think this is something you can get for pretty much anyone on pretty much any occasion that requires gifts.

3) A nice book for those cold winter days indoors


Who doesn’t look a good book with a nice mug of hot cocoa? I’ve done this before, and it’s worked out pretty well…especially if it’s a new release or the final book in one of their favourite series. Or maybe gift them one of your favourites…who knows, maybe it’ll become theirs, too! Or maybe something funny…we could all use a good laugh.

4) A nice graphic tee or sweater


Depending on who this is for, this could work out nicely. A graphic tee of a favourite band of theirs, one with a cityscape on it or even one with a quirky saying…or, if they’re not really a graphic tee sort of person, maybe a sweater would work out better? Something warm and perfect for the holidays, perhaps.

5) A belt buckle


This one sounds a little weird, but it could work. There are a lot of crazy, unique belt buckles out there…those graphic ones are pretty good. Plus, there will be no worrying about sizes or whether or not they have it with this one, especially if you buy it online.

6) A video game or some accessory for their console


We probably all know a gamer or two…or three…or more. Anyways, this is something they’d probably really appreciate. Chances are, you already know what games they like and what they have or don’t have. Or at least what console(s) they have.

7) A case for their phone


You probably already know what phone they have, so this would only be a matter of picking out the right case for them. If they collect them, then I’m sure they’ll like having another one and if they don’t then great…you won’t have to worry about giving them something that they already have.

8) Junk food…or just food in general


If all else fails, just pack all their favourite junk food in a bag and give it to them…this works for a lot of people, actually. Or find out their favourite food and give it to them. You can’t go wrong with food…just make sure to find out not only what they like but if they’re allergic to anything. If you’re close enough to put yourself through all of this gift hunting, though, then you probably already know all of that.

Like I said before, I like to include little things with the gifts…candy, hot chocolate, button pins…and sometimes, if I’ve really given up, I just give them a gift card. One of those things that you really can’t go wrong with.

So, that’s it for Part 2…I tried, I really did. I struggle as much as the next person when trying to find the perfect gift, especially when it comes to guys…well, I guess I can only say this: Good luck!


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