Holiday Gift Guide 2014~ (Part 1)

So…Christmas is just around the corner, huh? Some of you guys may have been ready weeks ago, and some of you may still be scrabbling for gift ideas. Well, let me help you out…

I did one of these last year, but I decided to do something a little different…oh, and, as you can probably tell, I had some free time and went a little crazy with the pictures…sorry about that!

These are just a few, some of which you could probably find in pretty much any mall (At least, this is the case where I am) and others that you’ll need to go online to find (But hey, I bet you were going to do that anyways). These are pretty simple so they could totally work for last-minute gifts, as well.

1) Nail polish and a pretty nail file

2014-12-06 20.58.59

This is pretty simple…just grab some polish in a nice shade (Maybe from a special holiday collection), a nice nail file and tie a ribbon around them. Add a nice little gift tag with a festive message on it, and you’re set! The nail files in this picture are from Bath & Body Works…only $1.00 each…you could definitely do this gift for under $5.00.

2) Hand cream with cute packaging

2014-12-06 21.01.20

The one pictured above is the Etude House My Castle Hand Cream. I got the Frozen one…isn’t it just so perfect for winter? It’d make a great gift, in my opinion. Of course, I think any hand cream in a pretty package would…I mean, who doesn’t need hand cream for those cold winter days?

3) Bath & Body Works minis

2014-12-06 21.05.29

Aren’t these just adorable? They’re pretty cheap, especially if you get them on sale (Which they are…frequently…recently, there was a buy 3 get 3 free sale…helped a lot with my Christmas shopping!), plus there are a bunch of scents to choose from. Get different scents or get a lotion & shower gel set, or even a mini fragrance…there are so many possible combinations.

4) Skinfood Hair Magic Pads

2014-12-06 21.07.12

Okay, the name is ridiculous, I know. But they’re adorable, cheap and you can be almost sure your friends don’t already have one. I got these little beauties from TesterKorea for just $1.00 each. Plus, I’m sure your friends will love being able to get their bangs out of their face with such adorable little pads.

5) Masks

2014-12-06 21.08.52

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good mask? In the above picture there’s a Holika Holika sheet mask and two The Body Shop masks. There are so many different masks out there that you can probably find one to suit everyone. Or do what I did…get them a bunch to try out!

6) Nail Art

2014-12-06 21.11.01

The stuff I have pictured above is from BornPrettyStore…I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll mention it again…great store, has a huge selection of stuff! Although just a note, if you plan on ordering now, you may want to pick faster shipping (If you live here in the West, that is) because their free shipping can get pretty dicey. Anyways, this makes a nice little gift and you can be pretty sure it’ll be put to use if you give it to a nail art lover!

7) Jewellery

2014-12-06 21.12.50

This is my go-to for a lot of my friends…most people love accessorizing, so why not give them some more for Christmas? The ones pictured above are also from BornPrettyStore. But, with jewellery, there’s a lot to choose from, and you can get some pretty nice things for pretty cheap, too (Forever21 and H&M, anyone?)!

8) Pretty much anything in cute packaging

2014-12-06 21.17.03

The one in the picture above is a Baviphat sample…isn’t it just adorable? But anything that is already in a pretty package will make a nice gift…but things like these little skincare samples are great because they can be used and then the container can be re-used. Plus, you might help somebody find their next HG product, too.

What I like to do is combine a few of these, package them up nicely and then add some treats…candy canes, chocolate…whatever I happen to buy that year! Sometimes I put them together with hot chocolate packets and little bags of marshmallows…and sometimes I just add these in with bigger gifts, like CDs. Though sometimes it’s a real pain, when you pick out a gift that somebody really like, it just makes it all worth it.

Anyways, happy hunting everyone!


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