[Review] Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Fragrance Mist (Travel Size)

So…it’s almost the New Year…is everyone excited? Today’s review is on a fragrance I’ve had my eye on for a while, but I didn’t buy it until about a month ago. The perfume’s description is as follows: “Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème”. […]

[Review] TheFaceShop Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil (NB23)

Merry Christmas everyone! So…some of you probably saw this coming after yesterday’s last countdown post, but…I’ve finally decided to do a review on my favourite product of the year! Alright, so here were the points I made about it yesterday: Good coverage, long-lasting, like two products in one, decent price. Sounds good so far, right? […]

10 Days of Favourites: Day 10

Alright…so, finally, we’re on the last day of our countdown. So…what item is my absolute favourite item? Obviously, it’s an HG item…but what item? Concealer, of course…an essential part of makeup…something small that can make a big difference. I can definitely understand why it was ranked first on that blind test! And my absolute favourite […]

[Review] TheFaceShop Blackhead Out Aloe Nose Strip

Alright…so I decided to make a review for the last day of my favourites countdown…so here it is! Yep…yet another pore strip. However, I got this one for $0.80, which is pretty cheap. It’s usually $1.00 (Which definitely isn’t bad), but it was 20% off that day. They also sometimes have 40% off sales, so you […]

10 Days of Favourites: Day 9

Today’s favourite is an actual makeup product…my HG eyeshadow! Lancôme’s Color Design eyeshadow palette is the one that I reach for the most, whether I’m going for a natural look or a more dramatic look. It’s pigmented, has matte shadows and lasts all day with no creasing or smudging, which is amazing. Fading is minimal, […]

10 Days of Favourites: Day 6

Wow…more than halfway done! Time really seems to be flying. So…#5 on my list is the Liole L’Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick. This is my HG lipstick, at least at the moment. The reasons are quite simple. I love things that change colour, the colour itself is gorgeous and buildable and it’s a stain and lipstick in […]