[Review] TheFaceShop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water

Hi everyone! So I got a sample of this product in a mini-haul from a little while back (In July, actually), and decided to review this before the cream that goes with it…you’ll understand why when the review for the cream comes out.


Anyways, this is basically a toner. I apparently forgot to take a picture of it, so here is a picture of the full size (Keep in mind I got the sample version, which is only 5 mL). As you can see, the full-size bottle is 300 mL. I love the dispenser for it…very convenient and easy to use, and the packaging is nice and simple, as well. The design for this line in general is very clean, which I like.

There’s nothing particularly special about it…it’s clear and has a slight scent, but nothing that really bothers me or lingers.

This has 0% oil, which is nice, since my skin is already oily enough on its own, thanks. It works pretty well as a basic toner and didn’t irritate my skin or anything. This is a pretty gentle toner, though, so that’s one good thing about it.

This definitely didn’t add moisture to my skin, nor did it (When used alone) control oil at all, which I suppose I should have expected (I don’t expect too much out of my toners).

At the store, this retails for about $20.00, which, personally, I think is a bit too much for a toner that doesn’t really do much for my skin. A drugstore toner does around the same thing that this does, so I don’t really see a reason as to why I should pay more than double the price for this.

Like I said before, keep your eye out for the cream review…the two products are supposed to go together (But I wanted to create separate reviews for them), so I’ll let you know then how they work together.


  • Nice packaging
  • Has 0% oil
  • Nice basic toner
  • Gentle


  • No moisture (Why is it called ‘moisture water’?)
  • Doesn’t control oil
  • Pricey

Overall rating: 4/10

Would I purchase? I don’t think so.

Like I said before, this product is more than twice the price of my drugstore toner, which works perfectly fine, thank you very much. So…I think I’ll stick with it, for now.


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