TesterKorea Haul!

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about sharing this haul with you guys. I recently placed an order for some things (After my last successful mini-haul), many of which were gifts, but I’ll still share them with you. It’s not going to be in as much detail as usual, but I’ll give you a general idea. Obviously, I won’t be able to posts reviews of the items that I’m planning to give away as gifts. Most of these are gifts, so I apologize about not being able to review them all…but I decided to show you guys to give you an idea of some new reviews you can expect and for anyone who is looking to either order from this site specifically or even just trying to figure out where, in general, they should buy their Korean cosmetics and such from.

2014-11-24 14.18.03

Alright, so here we go…as you can see, there are a lot of packing peanuts in there along with some bubble wrap…so they did a pretty good job making sure the items were well protected.

First, some info some of you might be interested in (For anyone looking to maybe place an order on the site)…

Order Placed On: Nov. 9/14

Shipped: Nov. 13/14

Arrived: Nov. 24/14

It took a little longer to ship than I expected, but it got here pretty fast (In my opinion, at least)! Just 11, less than 2 weeks. Pretty good, but shipping time varies…last time it only took 11 days to get here, though. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

Quick overview of what I got (Not going to specify which are gifts and which are not…just a personal thing, sorry guys…I promise I’ll have reviews for the non-gift items up once I’ve used them for a bit, though. I suppose you could figure out which ones were gifts by just seeing what I review and don’t review, but oh well):

Here is the overall haul…looks nice, right? It’s all nicely packed and organized and I like how the nail polish (Which is obviously more fragile than the other items) is wrapped up with bubble wrap so they don’t break in transit.

2014-11-24 14.20.01

2 sample packets…not 1, but 2. I was very happy with that, of course. I haven’t opened them yet (I still have a sample or two left from another haul that I still have to use, first) but I promise I’ll review them after I do. I love the little ‘Thank you’ sticker on them. Makes it very nice and cute.

2014-11-24 14.20.06

So, as you can see, I got a bunch of masks and some pore strips. Excited to try the ones I ordered for myself out, and I hope my friends like the ones that I picked out for them.

2014-11-24 14.20.11

Next are these adorable little velcro pieces for your bangs. Aren’t they just great? I couldn’t resist.

2014-11-24 14.20.16

Some lip products and a sample of Baviphat’s ‘All-In-One Peeling Gel’. The product I’m most excited about is the little macaron lip balm (Which, as you can guess, is one of the items I ordered for myself). Which is slightly bigger than I expected, but still one of the most adorable products that I’ve ever laid eyes on. I must wait and finish the little bit that’s left of my current lip balm before I open it, though….must. Resist.

2014-11-24 14.20.21

Finally, the two polishes (Only $1.00 each!) and a little trial kit from Laneige.

Now, a few points (Some of which I made before, but I’ll say again for those of you that didn’t see my last post):


  • Cheap…the stuff here is cheap, seriously…the above haul? That was only ~$40.00, shipping included. Yep.
  • Lots of samples…and, apparently, the more you order, the more you get.
  • A huge variety of products. Seriously…they have a bunch of stuff (Some in my haul) that I’d never even heard of before
  • A great selection of samples.
  • Fast shipping time (And least, in my experience so far).


  • Shipping can be pricey…yes, their prices are low (Even with shipping), but it still kills to you a portion of what you pay is shipping*
  • Prices only in won, currency exchange rates incorrect
  • No description on most items

*Yes, I understand that many sites with free shipping compensate with higher prices on their items…however, it’s just the difference between thinking you’re paying for just the products and thinking you’re paying for both that and shipping

Alright, so I hope you enjoyed this (Not so) little post. See you soon, I hope!


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