…even more samples!

A few months ago, I made a post about the samples Jolse gives out with their orders…and decided to post about my most recent order, which I just received today! This post is going to be fairly short and sweet.

2014-11-10 19.06.40

I ran out of my TonyMoly peach hand cream, so I had been browsing around for a new one. The moment I laid eyes on the new Etude House My Castle hand creams, I just knew that I had to get it. I had a coupon on the site, and decided to get some spot patches to go with it (I was running out of my other ones).

Anyways, when the order came, I was again pleasantly surprised with the samples…there were a few that were the same as some ones I got last time, which was fine. However, I love the design of the oil blotting sheets, though. And the Tomatox sample…total win! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now…the shower gel looks pretty interesting, too.

2014-11-10 19.06.58

Thanks to Jolse, I now probably have enough oil blotting sheets to last me at least a year and a half, which is great! I feel like I’m getting pretty good value out of these orders not just because of the samples, but also because of their decent prices and shipping.

2014-11-10 19.07.05

And…the hand cream! Isn’t it just absolutely adorable? The door on the box can even be opened…it’s just so perfect. There’s a little story on the side too, which is just so cute. It smells pretty good, too. Review will be up once I try this out a little (And trust me, I can’t wait to try it).

There was a little mistake with the other part of my order, which I’m hoping gets resolved…I’ll be sure to keep you updated (Perhaps on my other blog, as it seems like more of a trivial post).


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