[Review] TheFaceShop Be My One Love Vanilla Cream Cleansing Foam

Hi everyone! So, I was at The Face Shop one day and I saw this adorable set of cleansers…and I just had to get it. Not only did it have adorable packaging, but the scents also sounded really appealing. Vanilla and Strawberry Chocolate? Count me in! I had never read about this cleanser online and, even after I bought it, I couldn’t find much information on it…but here’s a review for you guys!

2014-05-31 21.24.46

The set cost $12.00, which means that it was $6.00 for each tube of cleanser, which really isn’t bad. I’ve seen drugstore cleansers that cost more. If I had waited (Which I hadn’t, because I was out of cleanser), I could’ve gotten this set for $10.00 (i.e. $5.00 per tube). The price of The Face Shop foam cleansers is pretty good, in my opinion.

The entire back of the tube only had Korean, but here was the claim on the box: “Full of soft vanilla scent! The cleansing foam effectively cleanses skin with its rich creamy foam-like vanilla latte texture, making skin look moisturized and soft.” A pretty basic claim for a foam cleanser, except for the part about making skin look soft and moisturized. Foam cleansers clean really thoroughly but they usually sort of dry out skin, so I was curious about this one. Let’s see how well it performed!

2014-10-16 16.11.20

This cleanser comes in a tube, which I really like because of its convenience. A pump is really nice, but pumps can get a little gross when it isn’t cleaned properly and you have dried up product hanging off of it. And though it looks completely opaque, you can see how much is left by holding the tube up to the light, which is nice. I don’t really like it when tubes are completely opaque because I can never tell how much is left, and it’s a little annoying when I suddenly run out or when I think I’m almost out and buy another tube, but I actually have more left than I thought I did and that other tube is left sitting around for a while.

Actually, if you look at the first picture of the entire set, you can see the amount of cleansers in the Strawberry Chocolate one.

2014-10-14 13.07.51

As seen in the swatch above, this cleanser is already a foam in the tube, and a pea-sized amount is enough for your entire face. It’s just a basic white foam, nothing really special about.

2014-10-14 13.08.40

This actually foams up really well, and it really is rich and creamy. It’s a little difficult to describe, but it’s the foamiest and creamiest I have ever used. It feels really nice to use. You can’t really tell from the picture above, but it really does sort of remind me of latte foam.

The scent is really nice. It smells sweet, like vanilla, but not too artificially so. It’s not too strong or overwhelming, either. I really like it, and it makes me like using this cleanser even more.

This gets your skin pretty cleaned. If you’re wearing make-up, you might have to use it twice…and it’s not great on waterproof make-up or really glittery shadows and such, though, so some eye make-up remover is definitely needed. However, it’s still a pretty good cleanser, since it gets skin cleaner than a lot of other foam cleansers I’ve tried. Still not as much as my HG cleanser, but pretty good for the price.

I’ve used it for 2 months and I’ve used up about half of it, so one tube will probably last you around 4 months. It might last me a little longer because I’ve switched to only using it at night since I got some samples of another cleanser (Which I will review a little later, after trying it a little longer).

Now…that part of the claim about making skin look soft and moisturized?

Good news: This cleanser doesn’t dry out skin. There’s no tight or dry feeling afterwards.

Bad news: It definitely doesn’t help make skin look soft or moisturized, nor does it do anything to help moisturize skin. I never expected it to, but just thought that I’d get that out there.

I’m just happy that it doesn’t dry out skin…there are quite a lot of cleansers that do that, and the tight feeling afterwards is not a great one.

Overall, not a bad product at all!


  • Good price
  • Adorable and easy-to-use packaging
  • Can see how much is left (If you hold it up to the light)
  • Rich and creamy foam
  • Sweet vanilla scent, not overwhelming
  • Gets skin nice and clean
  • Lasts a decent amount of time
  • Doesn’t dry out skin, no tight or dry feeling afterwards


  • Not good for waterproof and/or glittery make-up
  • Contrary to claim, doesn’t make skin look soft or moisturized

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Would I repurchase? Yes.

This is a pretty good cleanser for the price, plus the scent and packaging are really nice, too. I’ve been curious about The Face Shop cleansers for a while now, and I’m glad to know that they’re nicely priced and do a nice job of getting your skin clean, too!


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