[Review] The Body Shop All-In-One Instablur 5-Action Perfector


I totally forgot to take a picture of this…I’m sorry, guys. This was the picture from The Body Shop website of the full-size product.

Hi everyone! After my last primer sample, I decided to get another one, just to compare (And further test if primers really make a big difference or not!).

Anyways, I was looking at this because its claims sounded too good to be true (And they usually are), when a sales associate basically pushed this onto me, insisting I hold out my hand and squeezing some on top of it and raving about it. Thanks, but I’d appreciate some space. But that’s a different story altogether.

I just got a sample to test out (Since I don’t really use primers much). I had a few important events coming up, so decided that it would be the perfect time to test out another primer. This one claims to “blur imperfections, giving you flawless photo-perfect skin in an instant!”. Well, doesn’t that just sound lovely? It further claims to control shine for 12 hours, reduce the appearance of pores, hide blemishes, unifies your complexion and extends the wear of your make-up. Now that just sounds like a miracle product. And I was also curious as to how something clear could blur and hide imperfections…

The packaging of this is pretty basic…a white tube. I don’t really like the tube packaging from The Body Shop. The BB cream I bought has similar packaging and they do this strange thing where, whenever I take the cap off, the tip is covered and already starting to ooze product. The inside of the cap also ends up filled with product so it’s a never-ending cycle of having to scrape the product of the tip before squeezing any more out…and it’s like their tubes are over-filled because, during the first few uses, it oozes product every time I open it and I usually end up with way too much product. Strange. I wonder if it’s just me? (I always seem to have bad luck with packaging…)

Anyhow, this is basically a sort of clear gel. A little goes a pretty long way, and it sets pretty quickly, too. It has a really weird smell that lingers…I can’t quite describe it…it sort of smells chemical to me? I just don’t like it.

One thing I love about this product, though, is how incredibly smooth and even your skin feels afterward. Velvety soft and instantly matte…I just can’t get enough of it. I remember being on the fence about buying this, but then after that hand swatch, I couldn’t get over how nice it felt so I went back to get a sample.

While this is shine controlling (Not for 12 hours, though…maybe around 2 and reduces your overall shininess) and does slightly reduce the look of pores, it doesn’t blur or conceal anything. At least, not for me. It also doesn’t really make my complexion any more even, although it definitely extends the wear of my make-up (We’re talking all day without touch-ups).

Right after applying, though, your skin does look smoother and has a bit of a glow (As if you just exfoliated or something). But I don’t see any blurring or concealing going on. If you’re looking to hide flaws, even if just a little, I wouldn’t wear this alone. It definitely creates an amazing canvas for make-up, though. However, at $22.00  for a 25 mL tube, I’m not sure whether it’s worth it or not.


  • A little goes a long way
  • Sets pretty quickly
  • Instantly makes skin feel velvety soft and matte
  • Makes skin look and feel incredibly smooth and even
  • Some shine control
  • Slightly reduces look of pores
  • Extends wear of make-up


  • Weird tube packaging
  • Strange (chemical?) smell that lingers
  • Doesn’t blur or conceal like it claims
  • Doesn’t unify complexion like it claims
  • Doesn’t control shine as long as it claims to (Not that I expected it to at all)
  • Pricey

Overall rating: 8/10

Would I purchase? Maybe.

I thought this was better than the Skinfood primer, but a bit pricey in my opinion. Especially since I rarely use primer. Of course, they have a lot of sales, so maybe you can get it on sale to try it out. However, I can’t really see myself buying this in the future…I’m sure I could find a cheaper primer that performs almost as well as it, or maybe even better, and I’d pretty much never use it. Maybe I should just stick to sample sizes to make sure my money doesn’t go to waste.


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