[Review] Baviphat Urban Dollkiss I Love Triple Lips

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a lip product review in a while, so…here’s another one for you guys. Hope you enjoy it!

2014-04-22 16.01.13

The name on the box is different from the name on the site…oh well…I’ve also seen “I Love Triple, 3, Pink”…do any of them make sense?

I’ll be honest here…the main reason I bought this product was for the packaging. Don’t get me wrong, the colours looked nice, too, but…look at that adorable apple packaging. How can you resist?

2014-04-22 16.02.21

Anyways, the name is weird but this is a tint + lipgloss + lipstick all in one…sounds great, right? Basically, it’s long-wearing, glossy and pigmented. It also claims to be “long lasting moisturizing lip make-up without heaviness, light weight shining & smooth lip make-up, easy and simple vivid color lip make-up”. Well, okay…sounds great, once you sift through that Engrish.

The names of these are pretty cute, and so is the concept:


I got #3 Chic, Pink. It’s described as a chic & trendy pink. I was looking for a fuchsia colour that was bright but also one that I wouldn’t be too afraid of wearing out and though this one looked a little intimidating, I decided to try it. Try something new and see if it works, you know?

This was about $8.00, which wasn’t too bad. Especially for that cute, one-of-a-kind packaging. I was pretty surprised when I tried to look up reviews of this and there were virtually none, though…so I decided to do one!

When I got this, I was in awe over the adorable packaging. That pink box with the little apple inside…I just loved it! It wasn’t too big, but still contained quite a lot of product (Since tints and especially lipsticks last a really long time). Not only that, but it’s pretty sturdy, too.

2014-04-22 16.03.05

The colour looks different in this picture, but it’s because of the lighting…sorry about that!

This has a typical doe foot applicator…the leaf on the stem makes it a little awkward to twist the cap off, though…I’m always afraid I’ll break it, even though it feels sturdy. I like doe foot applicators because they’re easy to use.

The texture of this is basically a liquid lipstick…pretty thick. It makes it a little hard to spread…unlike most tints, you can get this outside your lips trying to spread it (In which case, it’ll be a little awkward trying to clean it off). It also sets pretty quickly, so you have to work fast. You only need a little bit to cover your lips.

This stuff is pigmented. Like…more pigmented that even the lipsticks I own. And every tint Ive ever tried. I’m talking full-coverage. I’m afraid to use more than little because it’s so bright already…I’m still not ready to go all-out. But you definitely get the colour you see in the bottle.

If you applied a lot, you’d probably get an incredibly pigment…like, your lips would literally be the exact shade of the bottle.

2014-04-22 16.03.53

The colour is so nice…pretty, vibrant and bright, and definitely a great shade of fuchsia! See how pigmented that above swatch is? I was already won over by this point…I hope you can see why! That’s also about the amount it takes to cover my lips…not bad, right?

After setting, there’s slight glossiness and it basically feels like a lipstick. It doesn’t feel heavy or accentuate dry lips, though, which is nice. If your lips are flaky or cracking, though, you might have a little trouble spreading this.

After 15 minutes, though, the glossiness goes away and you should apply balm because this is slightly drying. Not as much as other tints, but still a little drying. It doesn’t look dry, though, which is nice. But it definitely doesn’t moisturize…didn’t expect it to anyways…a moisturizing tint would be a dream come true, but probably not going to happen.

After the 15 minutes it takes to completely set and dry, though…you won’t get lip prints on cups or whatnot, unlike with lipsticks. Great, right?

The lasting power of this tint…is absolutely amazing. 12 hours later, colour is still there. I’m serious. It fades (evenly), but lasts through eating, drinking…I really love it. I especially love layering it under my lipstick so even after my lipstick fades, I’ll still have colour all night!

Seriously, though…I’ve eaten poutine, instant noodles, cake, burgers, drank hot chocolate with whipped cream…and it never fails to amaze me when I look in the mirror afterwards and see that it’s still going strong. I don’t carry this around with me for touch-ups…my usual lipbalm to keep my lips moisturized is enough.

But, really…I took some pictures just to try to show you.

2014-04-22 16.07.37

This is after putting it under running water for about 15 seconds…see how intact it still is?

2014-04-22 16.08.48

This is how it looks after about 3 minutes of rubbing it…using soap and then rinsing (After already putting it under running water! Rubbing without soap just faded and spread it…). This stuff has serious lasting power. It stays until you remove it, but removing can be a bit of a hassle…but it’s definitely worth it for the lasting time!

Now, one thing is about this tint is that, after a few months, it starts to separate…and, because of the thickness, shaking does absolutely nothing for it. It doesn’t really affect the performance of the tint, but still…thought that’d be worth a mention.


  • Adorable and sturdy packaging
  • Super pigmented and vibrant (What you see is what you get!)
  • No lip prints after it sets
  • Doesn’t feel heavy
  • Not too drying
  • Lasts and lasts


  • Thick and sets quickly
  • May be difficult to apply on super dry lips
  • Glossiness doesn’t last
  • Doesn’t moisturize
  • Difficult to remove
  • Separates after a few months

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Definitely!

This will probably last me awhile and it’s too bad that it’s not actually a gloss or moisturizing, like it claims, but it’s still amazing. Definitely HG. There are a couple colours I have my eye on (#1 has a cute name and looks like an interesting colour, and a super pigmented red like #4 would probably be nice to have. #2 looks nice but I already have a colour like that and #5 is way too intimidating for me…), but I’m still a little afraid of such bright pigment…and I have a lot of lip products right now. But I recommend this to anyone who’s one the fence or loves tints/hybrid lip products, like me. Thanks for stopping by!


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