[Review] Skin Food Black Egg Pore Primer

Hey everyone! I’m back with yet another review…enjoy!

2014-08-29 12.30.29

This is a review of a sample that I got as part of my Testerkorea mini-haul from way back. I don’t use primers much (Because I don’t wear much make-up), but I had a ton of weddings to attend during the summer, so I decided that it’d be the perfect time to test this out!

The claim for this is a little strange, but here it is: “A pore-smoothing makeup primer that immediately turns into a velvety matte texture to effectively conceal enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white”. Well…okay, then.


The packaging for the actual product is pretty cute. It’s a simple little packet with the cute egg-shaped bottle inside. The pump is also convenient and hygienic…my favourite kind of packaging!

One thing that I didn’t like about having to use this in a sample packet was that, because the product was so runny, I had trouble controlling how much I got. I guess the pump packaging makes sense now.

This is clear with a consistency that reminds me of an essence…basically, a little thicker than water. It has a slight scent that fades almost right after you apply it. The scent may be a little strong for some, though. A little goes a long way, so the full-sized bottle would probably last quite a long time. One little packet was about 4 uses, which is pretty good. It takes a minute or two to completely set, though.

This makes my skin feel so velvety soft after application and it immediately mattifies my skin, which is definitely a huge win. I noticed that my pores were also slightly less noticeable, which was nice. I don’t have wrinkles, do I can’t comment on whether it would conceal them or not.

My skin definitely looked smooth and applying make-up on top of this was a dream. It was a smooth and even application and definitely extended the wear of my make-up for at least a few hours. So that was great.

The only complaint I have about this product is that it doesn’t really control oil. Though it did mattify my skin (Which was later counteracted by the dewiness of my BB cream), it didn’t do anything to make my skin less oily. I had to blot within hours and, at the end of the day, my skin was shiny, as usual.

All in all, though, a pretty nice product.


  • Cute and efficient packaging
  • A little goes a long way
  • Makes skin feel velvety-soft
  • Instantly mattifies
  • Pores are less noticeable
  • Great make-up base
  • Extends wear of make-up


  • Takes a minute or two to completely set
  • Scent may be strong for some
  • Doesn’t control oil

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I purchase? Yes.

If I ever feel the need to buy a primer (Maybe after I use up my current make-up base, which could be a while), then this would probably be it. Then again, this is the pretty much the only primer I’ve ever actually tried, so that could easily change…but this was still a nice product!


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