[Review] Desirenotes: A Collection Of Random Moments

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.07.27 PM

There is actually a text description under that title…I can’t change the colour, though (One of the problems I’m currently having), so I’m just going to have to be more careful in the future…to bad, since this picture was pretty (I’ll probably keep it, but exercise caution in the future)

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? The weather’s getting a little warmer, so I’m currently trying to enjoy what will probably be the last couple of warm days for the next half a year or so. This isn’t an actual review, by the way…I just wanted the title of this posts to match my other posts.

Anyways, if you scroll to the very bottom of my blog (I don’t know why the archives and whatnot are located there…and why the search bar is located at the bottom of my posts rather than the top), you’ll see that there’s a new addition…some strange link to some ‘desirenotes’ blog?

Well, if you haven’t noticed ‘desirenotes’ is actually my username…so this blog obviously has something to do with me (Although you’ve probably already figured that out).

I decided a little while ago to start a separate blog for all my blabbering, daily happenings (Well, not quite daily, I guess…) and K-Pop fangirling, since this blog is focused mainly on reviews and I didn’t want to mix in totally unrelated posts that my followers might not necessarily want to read.

Don’t get me wrong, I love how my blog has finally found a focus, and I will continue to post reviews and the occasional unboxing for this blog, but there is now a home for whatever else I may want to post! Past posts on K-Pop and whatnot will stay in this blog, but future ones will be there.

So…after a few days of setting up this and that and trying to get everything in order, I’m happy to say that it’s finally up and running! There are a few things that I may have to tweak, but I think it’s okay to open to the public now. New posts on that blog can also be accessed through this one and vice versa, so feel free to travel back and forth!

I did this because I thought it would be better if I kept this blog a little more on the professional side and had another blog for just random things, ranting and just posts that would probably be better suited somewhere else.

I just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!


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