[Review] BornPrettyStore (Mini-Haul~)

Hey guys…so, like I said earlier, I had a few posts that were a little different from my usual ones. This is one I’ve been planning for a while, but I had to wait for my most recent package to get here before I could write this up. It just got here last week, and so I can finally post a review for you guys!


So…I stumbled upon this website about a year ago, and ordered some nail stuff. I was a little wary because of the low prices, free shipping and whatnot, so I kept my purchases small. It all started with a wheel of rhinestones of 12 different colours (Shown below), which was on sale at the time for only $1.50. Seemed way to good to be true at the time. I also ordered 50 clear rhinestones that were a little smaller in size for $1.00.

2013-10-16 21.15.38

They were not only good quality, they came exactly as described (Promptly, too…2 weeks!) and look great no matter what nail art I use them for.

I then ordered a couple of those stamping nail art plates, because the ones they sold at the Konad booth cost way too much. Those were a little thinner than the Konad ones, but worked just as well. And at $0.99 a piece, they were definitely a lot easier on my wallet. To put things into perspective, for about the price of one from the Konad booth, I could buy 11 of these.

However, I also ordered a bow ring for $1.00 that looked fine, but felt cheap (It was basically made of plastic and just painted silver) and was really flimsy, so I’ve been skeptical of the jewellery there ever since.

Shipping, though, has always been prompt. 2-3 weeks, to be exact.

In July, though, they had a nice sale and I decided to give them another try (I mean, the ring was only $0.99, so I guess you get what you pay for…). I ordered a couple of items (Will show you pictures soon!), and the most expensive item I ordered was $4.00 (I debated whether or not to get it because I was worried about the quality, but just loved it way too much).

Shipping this time sucked. It took over a month to get here…almost a month and a half, to be exact (If we want to be really exact, 27 business days…the predicted shipping time was 12-16 business days).

The quality this time, though, was much more impressive. Let me show you…the rings and earrings were $1.00, the ear cuff was $2.00 and the necklace was $4.00 (You know a website is cheap when $4.00 is considered a more expensive product for the site). I thought the little drawstring bags were adorable and perfect for gift-giving (And $1.00 for 5 pieces…? Totally worth it!).

2014-09-22 19.31.42

2014-09-22 19.32.43

The drawstring bags…they came in multiple colours and I can’t wait to use them!

2014-09-22 19.31.57

The piece I was worried about. Not only does it look and feel great, the ends can be adjusted up and down which makes this necklace really unique, and what drew me in when I first laid eyes on it! However, the chain is a little short and the ends have to be pulled almost to the ends before I can slip this over my head (No clasp), and I’m scared I’ll break it someday…still lovely, though.

2014-09-22 19.32.16

This looks really cute and really does look like a double piercing! It’s comfortable, but a little big for me…then again, nothing ever seems to be fit me.

2014-09-22 19.32.29

Another cute little piece. It’s adjustable, but still a bit too big for me. You can’t see it very clearly, but there’s this painted little flower on the right ear…it sticks out a little and I think it looks a tad tacky and doesn’t really add to it…still a nice little ring, though, and definitely looks like it cost more than $0.99!

  2014-09-13 12.56.24

This is supposed to an adjustable midi ring…feels a little cheap, but looks really pretty. Of course, no matter how adjustable it is, ‘midi ring’ to me equals ‘actually fits on my finger’, so…still looks pretty, eve as a regular ring, though!

2014-09-05 08.37.10  2014-09-05 08.36.38

Look at this adorable matching set! I just couldn’t resist…and for $1.00 each, how could I resist something this cute? And, as you can see, this set definitely looks way better than what you’d expect a $1.00 piece to look.

Alright…so, I won’t drone on any longer and try my best to keep this next part short and sweet.

Pros: Shipping is usually fast (It was slow 1 of 4 times…I’ll give it the benefit of doubt, especially since shipping is free), low prices and you can earn points for writing reviews and such on their website which can be used for future purchases (I’ve used ~$2.00 worth of points and have almost $1.00 just from this recent order…nice rewards system)! Reviews and pictures are always nice to have.

Cons: Quality sometimes low and ordering can be a bit of a gamble…you can get an amazing piece, a half decent one or just a plain cheap, flimsy one. At least you won’t have wasted too much money.

Now, I haven’t tried their polishes, lipsticks or such (I’m sorry, but I don’t exactly trust the quality so I’m not about to put their stuff on my nails, face and mouth, no matter how cheap it may be), so I can’t comment on that. I do know their prices for pretty much everything are cheap…and they have a large variety of products. I suggest you check this site out sometime! Feel free to comment i you have any other questions for me…I’ll try to answer whatever I can. Thanks for stopping by!


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