[Review] Lioele Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late…I’ve been really busy. But I’ve taken the time to write another review for you guys. It’s just a sample review, but I hope you guys still enjoy it!

2014-08-29 12.29.26

So…if you’ve read some of my previous reviews, you probably know I’m not a fan of anti-aging products, or products with snail slime in it. It usually just breaks me out…maybe the snail mucus blocks my pores or something? I don’t know. So, when I first saw this sample, I was a little hesitant to use it. However, I decided to give it a try anyways.

This is an anti-aging cream, though, so I can’t comment on how well it actually works as one, since I have no need for one yet.

This cream is milky white and of a thin consistency. It sort of seems more like an emulsion than I cream to me. There have been a few times when I actually squeezed way too much out of the package (And you can see evidence of that if you look closely at the picture…) because a little goes a really long way with this.

There was a bit of a perfumed sort of scent, but nothing that was too overwhelming. I’ve gotten pretty much used to the smell by now, since so many products nowadays seem to use it.

Like most products with thin consistency, it absorbs really quickly. However, it does leave a little bit of a film behind, which I don’t really like.

I used this for about 6 days and didn’t notice much of a difference, which was both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good news: No breakouts or new pimples at all! This is the first I haven’t had any new pimples after using an anti-aging/snail mucus skin product. So that is definitely something to be happy about. This product also didn’t make my skin any oilier, so that’s another win!

Bad news: I didn’t notice much improvement in my skin, either. It was a little bit more moisturized, but that was about it. Again…can’t comment on whether or not it really has any anti-aging effects.

So…this cream was a nice thing to try out (It took away a bit of the wariness I had towards anti-aging/snail mucus products) but my experience with it was pretty uneventful otherwise.


  • Little goes a long way
  • Absorbs quickly
  • No breakouts
  • Didn’t make skin oilier
  • Moisturizes a bit



  • Perfumed scent
  • Leaves behind a bit of a film
  • Little improvement in overall condition of skin


Overall rating: 7/10

Would I purchase? Sadly, no.

While this cream was a nice little sample to try out, it isn’t something that I’d buy. I’m not in need of an anti-aging cream right now, and won’t be for awhile, but I’ll be sure to keep this cream in mind when I am. Though, again, I think this seems to be more an emulsion than an actual cream because of how runny it is. Anyways, if you’re looking to try a snail mucus product, this might be worth checking out!


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