[Unboxing] EXO-M’s Overdose

Way overdue, I know…but I found the pictures I had taken and decided to post this for anyone still looking for unboxings. And also because this was one cool album. One of my favourites…enjoy!

2014-05-31 22.01.35

Note: Some of these pictures are blurry…I apologize for that. I think it was the excitement, ha ha…plus, the lighting along with the fact that the album is shiny didn’t seem to turn out very well. Sorry again!

2014-05-31 22.01.03

Anyhow, I ordered this on KpopTown, who usually gives away double-sided pictures of the group as a pre-order gift with albums, which I just love. They’re a nice little collectible and I like flipping through them and fangirling over the members even before I open the album.

2014-05-31 22.01.20

For some reason, I got a mix of K and M members even though this is the M album, which confused me at first, but whatever. They all look good, and it was a nice little surprise, since I had expected just the 6 EXO-M members (Imagine my confusion when I saw Kai and thought “Wait…he’s isn’t in M”!).

2014-05-31 22.04.55

So this album comes in a nice, sturdy black and silver box. It has a really nice maze design on it in the shape of the EXO symbol. It’s a little bulky because it’s a box, but I don’t mind…I actually really love box packaging! Maybe I’m just weird…

2014-05-31 22.04.35

I have a love-hate relationship with the tracklist on the back of the box, though. Which isn’t really a list (I didn’t even notice it at first glance…the letters are pretty small). The concept is pretty cool, with each song in a little hexagon within a bigger hexagon maze. BUT the order of the songs isn’t actually listed, which can make things really confusing…cool concept, though.

First time I opened the box, I opened it upside down for some reason…I think I was just distracted by their not-a-list tracklist.

2014-05-31 22.02.07

SO. Finally opened it…and the first thing inside is the photobook. At first, I didn’t understand the design on the cover…it was only after I found the photocard and looked at the back that I put two and two together and realized they weren’t random lines and shapes, but actually the first letter of each member’s name. Must be confusing since both Luhan and Lay start with L…I wonder whose is whose.

2014-05-31 22.03.15

Moving on to the photobook…I didn’t bother taking pictures of every single page (They were all great photos, though)…just stopped and took a picture of my bias. My favourite picture of Luhan in the photobook. First time I saw it, I thought that black line was part of his earring…

As per usual, the album comes with a bunch of ads in Korean that I don’t understand for things I’m probably not going to get.

And a photocard.

2014-05-31 22.03.31

I got Kris…I received this album after I found out about Kris’s lawsuit, so I had mixed feelings about this one. I mean he looks great in this photo and I love Kris, but this is probably going to be the last album he’s going to be in (I’m really sorry guys, but I’ve already been through this twice…).

So yeah, in short, my reaction to getting this photo card was bittersweet.

And…that’s it, guys! I know I don’t do these often, and they always seem to be pretty late…sorry guys! I’ll try to be better next time…

Right now, I have a WINNER album on the way…excited for this one! They had a great debut, and I just loved ‘Empty’ and ‘Color Ring’ to death, so I just couldn’t resist ordering their debut album. Crossing my fingers that it comes as soon as possible (It was just shipped about a week ago)…

Thanks for stopping by, guys and I hope to see you soon!


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