[Review] Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream

Hello everyone! This is yet another sample review…I just have tons of those to review. I promise there will be some full-size product reviews soon, though!

2014-08-18 16.27.20

Holika Holika’s Skin & Good Cera Super Cream…just the name sounds pretty great, right? I mean, it’s a ‘super cream’! But it’s claim sounds even more amazing. It’s apparently an ultra-moisturizing ceramide cream that maintains moisture in the skin for 72 hours. Not only does it increase and lock in moisture in the skin, it also helps enhance the skin’s condition and vitality. It also apparently contains no harmful ingredients and is suitable even for sensitive skin. Locking in moisture for 72 hours sounds great, but I’m pretty skeptical about that…

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera_Super Cream

The cream itself is in a nice little jar…I know a lot of people don’t like jars because it’s unhygienic. My problem with jars isn’t that…but how difficult it is to get cream out of the bottom, especially with long nails. It also ends up getting stuck under my nails and whatnot, which isn’t fun for me.

This cream is actually pretty thick…but I guess it’s a super cream, so that’s expected? Or maybe it’s just me. Anyhow, other than being a thick cream, it’s white in colour and basically looks like most other creams. The scent was a little surprising. I expected it to smell like the artificial perfume that seems to be in everything else, but it actually smells a little spicy with a hint of something else. If I had to describe it, I would say it’s sort of like a mix of ginger and medicinal herbs? It’s difficult to describe, bit while I found it a little weird at first, I eventually grew to like it.

Since the cream is so thick, it’s a little hard to spread around and it takes a bit more than usual to cover up my entire face. It takes a few moments to absorb, probably because of its thick texture, but it doesn’t leave behind any sort of residue or grease, which surprised me because I expected to, considering it’s consistency.

This cream also didn’t make my skin oilier, which was nice. It also made a really nice moisturizer…I’d say this cream could even withstand those harsh winter months or could be used by people with dry skin.

Now…does it really lock in moisture for 72 hours? Well, I’d say that it does keep skin soft and moisturized longer than other creams. If you asked me, I’d say it lasted about 24 hours, which is pretty good. Definitely not 72 hours, though.

Holika Holika was smart in being vague in saying that this cream ‘enhances skin’s condition and vitality’, since that could mean almost anything. Other than being moisturized, though, there was no other difference in my skin after using this cream. Keep in mind that I only used it for about 5 days, though. Plus, since even my dry patches stayed moisturized, I supposed my skin’s condition was enhanced. I wouldn’t say it improved my skin’s ‘vitality’, though.

All in all, a pretty good cream. Maybe not quite a ‘super cream’, but still a nice product.


  • Doesn’t smell artificial
  • Doesn’t leave behind any residue
  • Doesn’t make skin oilier
  • Moisturized skin for about 24 hours
  • Good for dry skin



  • A little hard to spread around because of its thick texture
  • Takes a little more than usual to cover face and neck
  • Absorbs slower than other creams
  • Doesn’t moisturize for 72 hours like it claims


Overall rating: 8/10

Would I purchase? Probably.

I wouldn’t really need this much in the summer, since my skin isn’t that dry, but I think would definitely be nice to have during the winter. I recommend this to everyone who has dry skin, though. This really is a good cream. Another win in terms of samples…yay!


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