[Review] Clairol Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

Another hair product review…this time from the Herbal Essences Naked line once again! I did a review on their volumizing soufflé last time, so I thought I’d review the other half of the duo I picked up.

2014-05-31 21.48.39

This was the same price as the soufflé, only $2.99, which is great. I don’t want to wash my hair everyday (It’s pretty damaging to hair), but I hate how greasy it sometimes gets on, say, the second morning after. Taking a shower is definitely not an option on days when I’m in a rush, but I really wanted something I could use to help make my hair look less like a grease ball. So I thought that this product would be perfect.

If you’ve read my last review, I was a little disappointed with the volumizing soufflé, so I didn’t really have high hopes for this product.

2014-05-31 21.49.18

Anyways, like the other product, the packaging for this is nice and sleek, clean and simple. I really like it. The spray nozzle on this product is really easy to use, too. It dispenses the right amount and makes application quick and easy. Rather than spraying this directly in my hair, though (Because that usually ends up getting on my face), I like to spray this into the palm of my hand and then work it into my roots. I repeat this as many times as necessary.

The dry shampoo is a sort of milky white…I’m assuming that the spray is clear and the tapioca is what’s giving it the milky white colour. You shake the bottle before application in order to mix the tapioca with the product, I suppose.

The smell is amazing…fresh and citrusy with a hint of mint. It’s awesome…seriously, they should come out with some scents for this line..I’d totally buy it!

Anyway, this claims to have natural tapioca that absorbs oil and rejuvenates dirty hair for a clean feeling. This was the first time I’ve heard of tapioca being used to absorb oil…it sounded interesting. It also has no parabens or dyes, which is nice.

This is a decent dry shampoo. It absorbs some grease, enough to survive another day, but not quite enough to satisfy me. Once when my hair was really greasy, I had to use a lot of this product to even absorb half the oil. At least it makes my hair smell nice.

I thought that this product was okay…until a few uses later.

After about 3 uses (Yes, only 3) I could practically hear the tapioca powder in the bottle every time I shook it. The tapioca powder to liquid ratio of this product seems to be seriously imbalanced.

I didn’t really think it affected the product, though, until the 4th time I used it. What happened was that the liquid must’ve dried up or something because I looked in the mirror about an hour after application and noticed white powder all over my hair! It definitely wasn’t there when I left the house. Not only that, my roots were crunchy and, well…let’s just say it’s a good thing I keep a hat in my bag every summer.

Anyways, so I can’t really use this anymore because there’s not much liquid left (I wonder what happened…did it dry up in the bottle or something? I don’t think I used up almost the entire bottle in just 3 uses). There is quite a lot of powder left (It sounds like some sort of maraca every time I shake the bottle…) but, as my last use indicated, that can turn out quite disastrous.

So, this product may have been cheap, but definitely not worth it.


  • Cheap
  • Nice packaging
  • Smells amazing
  • Absorbs some oil



  • Doesn’t really work on really greasy hair
  • More powder than liquid in product
  • Don’t get many uses
  • White powder leaves white cast and causes hair to get crunchy


Overall rating: 3/10

Would I repurchase? Sorry, but no.

This line was pretty disappointing…even more so since it smelled so amazing (I wonder if there’s any way I can buy just the scent?). Well, at least I didn’t waste too much money on it. And now I can move on and continue hunting for other hair products…hopefully ones that work better.


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