[Review] Clairol Herbal Essences Naked Volumizing Soufflé

Hey everyone! Thought I’d do a hair product review…something that I decided to try on a whim a little while ago. Enjoy!

2014-05-31 21.49.02

I got this on sale for $2.99 and liked the idea of adding volume to my usually flat hair. The fact that is apparently had 0% silicone and colorant as well as only cost $2.99 had me pretty much sold.

I really like the bottle for this packaging. It was simple and clean, which really fit their ‘Naked’ concept. The pump on the top was a little difficult to use, though. It sort of reminds me of a whipped cream can, but the pump is shorter so it takes more pressure to get the product out…plus, I have to hold the bottle at an awkward angel to get it to work. I wasn’t really a big fan of that.

2014-05-31 21.50.42

So, you basically shake this before pumping it out and then working it into damp hair, before blow drying it. The product itself is a white foam (That foams up quite a lot!) that smells citrusy, fresh and just absolutely amazing. The scent might be my favourite thing about this product. It’s not too overwhelming, but just strong enough that it makes my hair smell amazing.

I basically work this into my hair and then blow dry it upside down.

This actually gives my hair quite a bit more volume and bounce, which made me really happy. It made my usually stick straight, flat hair look fuller and more textured, too. I loved the look I got from this.

However, sadly, most of the volume was gone after about an hour and a half. By the three hour mark, it was almost as if I had never put anything into my hair at all. A little disappointing, especially considering that the initial effect was so nice.

Anyways, so…a nice little product to try out, but it ended up letting me down.


  • Simple and clean packaging
  • Smells fresh and citrusy
  • Initially gives hair more volume and texture



  • Pump a little awkward to work with
  • Effect doesn’t last very long


Overall rating: 4.5/10

Would I repurchase? I don’t think so.

It was cheap, and had a great scent…but, although it gave my hair a nice look initially, it was gone in almost no time flat. If I could get the scent alone, though, I totally would…but this volumizing soufflé? Sorry, but not. But, then again, my hair never likes to be anything but straight and flat, so…maybe others will have better luck with this product.


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