Back To School Part 1: Online Retailers

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Hey everyone! I know that it still seems way too early to be thinking about this (Why does summer always feel so short?), but I thought I should post about this anyways. Online retailers generally take around 3 weeks to ship, but it always takes at least a week. So, this is the perfect time to start looking at those. A week (Or one long day of browsing) to figure out what you want, and then you leave the perfect amount of time for everything to get to you in time for school.

Now, allow me to recommend a few online stores to you…I’ve either ordered at least once from all of them myself or have heard recommendations from friends and family members.

1) BornPrettyStore: Most of their stuff only goes for a couple dollars…some are even only $0.99. Too good to be true, right? Their nail stuff is amazing, but their jewellery can sometimes look a little cheap while others look gorgeous. I’d use caution when ordering those clothes and makeup (I’ve never tried it myself, though…I’m just a little suspicious of the quality), but I totally recommend their nail art stuff and jewellery! Plus…FREE SHIPPING. They’re having a huge summer sale right now, too! Their loyalty program is pretty awesome, too.

2) YesStyle: A huge selection of clothing, jewellery and shoes. I always have such a hard time deciding what to get. Their quality is a little hit or miss, and their shipping can be costly…but right now, they’re having a 10% off everything sale (And lots of sale items, too) plus free shipping with a coupon code (BTSAUG14). Perfect time to try them out! They also have a nice loyalty program.

3) Jolse: Loads of Korean beauty stuff, and they always seem to have nice sales going on. Besides an awesome amount of free samples, new customers can enjoy $3.00 worth of loyalty points upon signing up!

4) TesterKorea: Huge selection plus some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen. Add some awesome samples into that equation, and that’s what you get with this site! Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

5) Etsy: Most of you have probably already heard of this site. So many unique, handmade items in one place…what’s not to love? This is the perfect to score some one-of-a-kind pieces. They have something for everyone…the hard part is choosing what to get!

6) Julep: They have an incredible selection of nail polish here…there are just so many gorgeous colours. Mavens get a great deal for every item on the site, and they have much more than just nail polish. I’ve never ordered from here personally, but I’ve tried out some of their polish (Courtesy of a friend) and they’re great!

7) ToFebruary: Not only do they have a ton of cute clothes and jewellery, if you’re a K-Drama fan, you have to check out this site. It’s K-Drama merchandise heaven here…plus, their shipping cost is pretty decent (Especially if you live in the US). Their stuff is generally really good quality, too. Plus, they’re currently having a 10% off everything sale!

8) Ruche: This store has some of the cutest, vintage-looking pieces that I’ve ever seen. Not only that, if you look carefully enough, you can snag some amazing deals here (I once got a lovely lavender cocktail dress for only $19.99…seriously).

Those are my 8 top picks for back to school shopping online. From hair accessories to beauty to jewellery to clothes to shoes and bags and everything in between….you can find all of that in that list of online retailers.

So…have fun browsing, and let’s make the best of what’s left of summer!


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