[Review] Skinfood Gold Kiwi Waterproof Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

Hey guys! My first review of a product from my TesterKorea mini-haul a little while back. I had been searching for the perfect sunscreen for the summertime, and decided to try out a few sunscreens. This was one of them.

2014-07-01 13.01.13

I bought this to use on my face and neck. This sunscreen not only protects your skin from the sun, but it’s waterproof and also claims to restore dull, dry, sun-damaged skin from the inside. Sounds pretty great, right?

2014-07-01 00.15.38

This is the typical texture for a sunscreen. A thick, white cream. I was hoping that this didn’t leave any sort of white cast but, unfortunately, it does leave a slight white cast. Nothing too bad, and it’s not really noticeable, but it still bothers me. It also leaves a bit of a film on top of skin.

2014-07-01 00.15.56

Not only that, it makes your skin look shinier. Not in a dewy way, but not in an oily way, either. But, with my oily skin, I don’t exactly love this effect.

Luckily, the shiny effect and white cast is only really noticeable in bright light (Like sunlight…). You can’t really see it in the picture, because the lighting was pretty dim…sorry about that.

However, the slightly sweet fruity scent with an undertone of kiwi was nice. Perfect for the summertime. It wasn’t too strong, either. It pretty much faded right after you applied it to your skin.

This sunscreen is definitely waterproof. I washed my hands and my face got sort of sweaty, and I could still feel this sunscreen on my skin. It did seem to make my skin slightly oilier, though, which I didn’t like.

I emptied a few packets of this into my trusty TheFaceShop travel cream containers, just for convenience’s sake (Since I could get about 2 uses from 1 packet).

This sun did keep my from tanning, although I can’t say much about the whole skin repairing thing. My skin never got dull or dry, but that was probably because I was taking care of it, and not particularly any special effect of this sunscreen.

Everything was fine and dandy…that is, until about 2 weeks later.

I stopped using the sunscreen for about 3 days (There was a string of overcast days, and I wasn’t going outside, so I decided to save it for another day). After that, I noticed that it started getting slightly tacky and the fruity scent seemed to have faded a bit and there was now a hint of something unidentifiable.

I used this for one more day, thinking maybe it was natural.

I then decided to leave it for a week, just to see…I didn’t want to put anything weird on my face, of course.

When I re-opened the container, the sunscreen seemed to have turned into glue. Not a good look. Not only was it sticky and really tacky, it even smelled like glue. The texture is a little difficult to describe, but I think this picture says it all:

2014-07-31 13.23.08


It stretches even further than that, by the way (Much further, as I discovered when I tried to pull my finger away). Pretty gross, actually…

The worst part was my attempt at cleaning out the container. This stuff was waterproof, and nothing I tried seemed to get all of the sunscreen out. Worse, it came off in these tacky, sticky little balls. Gross.

2014-07-31 13.22.25

The above picture is after 15 minutes of scrubbing the container with water, soap, cleanser, makeup remover and even body wash (Desperate times call for desperate measures…). Well, at least now we know that this sunscreen is seriously waterproof. A little *too* waterproof in this case…

I suspect that it might have been whatever ingredient they added that makes it waterproof that caused this, but I suppose I’ll never know. The sunscreen that was still in the packets seemed fine, but I’m pretty wary of this sunscreen now. Anything that practically turns into glue that can’t be good to slather on my face on a regular basis.

This also pretty much ruined my travel cream container, as I can’t get it fully clean. Not a fun experience.


  • Sweet, fruity scent
  • Waterproof
  • Keeps skin from tanning



  • Slight white cast
  • Makes skin look shiny
  • Made skin slightly oilier
  • Became tacky and smelled like glue in less than a month


Overall rating: 3.5/10

Would I repurchase? No.

This did what it was supposed to, being a waterproof sunscreen, but that whole experience with it turning into glue has turned me off of this product. Sorry, Skinfood, but this sunscreen was a total miss. I’ll finish the last 2 packs, and then I’m never touching this product again. It was definitely quite an interesting (Albeit sort of frustrating) experience, though. Never had this happen to me before, and I hope it never happens again. Once is more than enough, thank you very much.


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