[Review] Nature Republic Given By Nature Charcoal Mask Sheet

It’s been a while since my last mask sheet review, but I’m back with another one. Enjoy!

Nature Republic Given By Nature_Charcoal

This mask claims to be absorb oil and balances moistures in your skin to make it soft and smooth. Charcoal seemed to be a pretty big thing in the beauty world, so I decided to try it out. Plus, anything that claims to give my face a matte appearance is pretty appealing.

The packaging is pretty simple. I took the picture in a rush and it came out really blurry, and the lighting is poor as well…sorry about that. The picture above is probably a much better reference than the one I took (But I’ll post it for you guys anyway).

2014-08-03 19.49.23

This mask is thick and practically dripping with essence. There’s so much essence in the mask itself (Not even counting the amount left in the package, yet). From just unfolding the mask, my hands were all wet. The mask is not only nice and thick, but also a good fit and adhered really nicely. It wasn’t itchy like some masks can be, and just felt really nice and cool (Especially in the summer heat!).

The perfumed scent in this mask was pretty obvious, but I stopped noticing after a few minutes. Somebody sensitive to scents might not like this so much, though.

I left this mask on for about 25 minutes, and there was still quite a bit of essence left, which I used on my neck and collarbone. I used the rest of the essence in the package on my shoulders and arms. My face was pretty wet, but after a little bit of patting, it absorbed really well. It left a slight film, which went away within an hour.

This actually did leave my skin with a nice, matte appearance (After the film was gone), and left my skin quite soft, as well.

I woke up with only about half as much oil on my skin as usual, which was great. Plus, my skin seemed even softer than the night before (I locked in the moisture from the mask with some moisturizer).

My skin still got oily throughout the day, but it seemed less oily than usual.

The reduced oil effect only lasted that day, but the softness lasted about 3 days, which is pretty good for a mask (Usually, the effects only last through the next day).

The mattifying effect the night of was nice, although I did realize that this mask was probably best used at the beginning of the day so that the matte/reduced oil effect can be seen throughout that day.

In the end, this was a nice little mask. It managed to mattify and moisturize at the same time…a pretty difficult feat, I think.


  • Thick mask
  • Lots of product
  • Adhered well
  • Didn’t itch
  • Gave skin matte appearance
  • Softened skin
  • Effects last up to 3 days


  • Perfumed scent
  • Left a slight film
  • Skin still got oily

Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Yes.

I really liked this mask, and would love to try out other ones from this line. I’m usually a little iffy about sheet masks because they’re one-use (Which can get pretty pricey) and the effects are so short-lived, but masks such as this one remind me why I love them. The effects are pretty immediate, though pretty short-lived, but it’s so convenient and fun to use!


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