[Review] TheFaceShop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

Since I missed out on so many days, I decided to do a few extra reviews today. Hope you guys enjoy review #3!

TheFaceShop_Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

As mentioned in a previous post, I got quite a few samples from TheFaceShop. In total, I ended up with 8 sample packets of this cleansing foam.

The picture you see above is of the full-size version. It’s in a nice little tube with a clean, simple design. I think it’s nice, and I prefer tubes to, say, jars or anything with a top you have to screw on.

This cleansing foam is apparently supposed to help brighten up your skin while also being a gentle cleanser. That’s great, but let’s see the extent to which it lived up to this claim (The claim may be simple enough, but sometimes even products fail to live up to even the simplest of claims).

2014-06-30 13.17.02

Now, I squeezed all of the cleansing foam samples into my little TheFaceShop container, but I neglected to take a picture of the samples themselves. I’m sorry, but I only have this picture of the cleansing foam itself.

Anyways, the foam is an off-white colour (Similar to rice water, though it might look pretty white in the pictures…as usual, things look different than in pictures) and smells pretty perfumed. It’s a foam, which is expected.

This cleansing foam foams up less than a lot of other ones that I’ve used, but a pea-sized amount was still enough for my entire face and neck. One thing that I love about foaming cleansers is how little you have to use for your entire face. Plus, they pretty much always get my face really clean.

Anyhow, I just massage this into my skin for about 30 seconds to a minute and then rinse it off with warm water.

This is a decent cleanser. Not as great as some of previous ones, though. When I use toner afterwards, I always see some sort of dirt and grime, even if it’s a day where I’m not wearing any make-up at all.

This cleanser is pretty gentle, though. No dry or tight feeling afterwards, which is nice.

I got enough samples to use this cleanser for almost a month (Yay free stuff!), but never saw a brightening effect of any sort. And I’m pretty sure I should’ve noticed at least something after using it for that long, but never noticed any difference in my complexion or skin.

At least now that I have tried samples of it, I can easily resist the temptation to buy this cleanser and experiment with others that interest me.


  • Simple, clean packaging
  • Little goes a long way
  • No tight or dry feeling



  • Perfumed scent
  • Doesn’t cleanse thoroughly
  • No brightening effect


Overall rating: 6/10

Would I purchase? I don’t think so.

This cleanser wasn’t decent, and I don’t dislike it or anything, but I just think that I can find better cleansers for the same or less amount of money. Plus, I was a little disappointed in the lack of brightening effect (Since that would’ve been great), but I was more disappointed in its ability to cleanse. Anyhow, this might be worth a try if you want a gentle cleanser and your face isn’t really oily, but, otherwise, I would’ve really recommend this.


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