[Review] TheFaceShop Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes

Hey everyone! I realized that it’s been practically forever since the last time I’ve done an eyeshadow review…so here’s one on a nice little eyeshadow I got recently!

2014-06-30 13.19.16

I like neutral colours and natural looks, but, strangely enough, I didn’t have many colours like that. Which is why, when I saw this cute little eyeshadow for only $5.00 at TheFaceShop, I just had to get it. I’m a fan of matte eyeshadows, so I was a little hesitant at first, but decided to go for it because of the low price, cute packaging and my overall faith in TheFaceShop products.

But really…that case is adorable, isn’t it? Not only that, it’s sturdy and small, so it’s easy to carry around. I don’t wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, so a small amount like this is perfect for me.

2014-06-30 13.19.27

The shimmer is a little difficult to see at first glance, but it’s definitely there. I took a picture in that lighting so I could show you guys. The eyeshadow looked matte in the store, and I thought that it was until I swiped it and saw glitter on my fingers.

The barely there shimmer is actually pretty nice, though. It brightens up eyes without being over the top glitter, which is great.

Unfortunately, there seem to be no matte shades, so…if you’re looking for that, you might have to turn elsewhere (Like I did for my darker brown).

This eyeshadow is pretty smooth and goes on very nicely. It’s also super easy to blend, and pretty pigmented, too! I can usually get the colour I see in the case with just 1 or 2 swipes.

2014-06-30 13.20.08

The colour is pretty hard to see on my skin, since it’s such a light shade, but it’s there. I usually use a nude base, and then this shadow, and then a darker brown to achieve a nice look. See how the shimmer barely stands out? No risk of turning into a disco ball here!

The staying power of this shadow is decent. Not as good as my HG shadows (Not that I expected that for a mere $5.00 vs. $22.00), but still pretty good (Especially for such a light colour…I generally expect those to fade a lot faster because they’re barely there in the first place). I put it on a 8 in the morning, and it was still there at 3 in the afternoon, but was gone by 5:30pm. So I’d say the staying power is about 8 hours. This is without primer, by the way.

However, darker colours might have better staying power since they’re, well…darker. This shadow was pretty difficult to see on my skin, which was what I was going for, anyways.

They have a pretty nice colour selection, and all the ones that I swiped at the store were pretty pigmented and looked pretty, so there should be a colour for everyone there. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this purchase.


  • Adorable, convenient, sturdy packaging
  • Barely there shimmer
  • Smooth
  • Easy to blend
  • Pigmented
  • Decent staying power
  • Big colour selection



  • No matte shades


Overall rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase? Yes.

Though I usually dislike shimmer because of my fear of becoming a disco ball, I was pleasantly surprised by this sort of impulse purchase (I was hesitant, but the colour, case and price drew me in…). If you get a chance, I suggest you try a shadow from TheFaceShop. They’re pretty good…and the samples that come with the purchases are a nice bonus!


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