[Review] Bath And Body Works Endless Weekend Wave & Shine Hair Mist

Hello everyone! With summer going strong, beachy waves can be seen everywhere from magazine covers to the sidewalk. However, not all of us have the time to go to the beach everyday. So begins the search for the perfect texturizing spray. I stumbled across this while browsing the new Bath and Body Works collection and decided to try it out. Let’s see how it performed, shall we?

Bath and Body Works_Endless Summer Wave and Shine Hair Mist

For a 140 mL bottle, it’s $12.50, which is alright. Not cheap, but not too expensive, either.

If I sleep with my hair damp, I wake up with wavy hair, but it always ends up falling flat within the hour, much to my disappointment.

This spray claims to “playfully [enhance] your hair’s natural waves for beautiful beach-blown texture, while nourishing Silk Proteins and conditioning Argan Oil keep your hair healthy and shiny”. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

I tried this out in the store, and got some waves and texture, but my hair was dry so I decided to bite the bullet and buy this, wanting to see if it would work better with damp hair.

So I sprayed some on my damp hair, scrunched and tousled it a little and then let it air-dry, following the instructions.

The first thing that hit me was the scent. I found it lovely, but it was pretty strong at first, so people who are sensitive to scents might want to stay away from this (As with most, if not all, Bath and Body Works products). It smells nice and fruity, with just a hint of floral notes. It’s definitely a perfect scent for the summertime.

In short, it definitely makes me think of endless summer weekends. This was one scent that Bath and Body Works hit on the mark.

I noticed that with many Bath and Body Works products, the scents are either a hit or a miss, so I always try them out in store before purchasing anything. To be honest, I purchased this because I fell in love with the smell the moment I tried out the tester in store. So I recommend you do the same.

After my hair had dried, I noticed that it actually seemed duller than usual, and somewhat more crunchy, too. Definitely not shiny or soft.

It did, however, look somewhat beachy. Not as textured as I would’ve liked, but at least it was something. However, my hair was almost completely flat after an hour. Still a little textured, but also still dull and sort of crunchy. By the end of the day, there was a little bit of texture still, but it was barely noticeable.

The scent was pretty strong for the first hour or so, but had faded almost completely by the hour 3. A little disappointing, since I loved it.

So, while this smells wonderful, I’m not a big fan of this product.


  • Great summery scent
  • Some beachy waves
  • Some texture



  • Hair seemed duller
  • Made hair a little crunchy
  • Effects almost gone after an hour
  • Scent fades in three hours


Overall rating: 4/10

Would I repurchase? No.

The fate of this product? I ended up gifting it to a friend with curly hair after a few disappointing attempts at using this product (So, unfortunately, no pictures). She seemed to have better luck with it. I guess it’s just my refuses-to-be-anything-but-stick-straight hair. So if you have naturally curly hair, this product might be worth a do. If I remember correctly, though, the amazing scent comes as a fragrance, as well. That might be worth a try.


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